Danger! Danger!


I was editing as you posted.

i have been drinking.

edit: oh, wait… your thing doesn’t pertain… also, an aquatic mammal; inside the city limits… yeah, that ain’t legal, either.


Me too!


Is there municipal legislature on that? Now I’m curious.

Wait, are we still talking about sharks?



thank you.

I was having trouble expliaing it


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To be fair, there aren’t many stats, but it’s one of those could be true things:

Sharks aren’t that dangerous, because they aren’t’ hunting us… where as we are constantly taking away snack machines’ babbies!!!

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And @noahdjango, we should write up the ATL Aquarium! It’s the biggest crime syndicate in history!!!


At least the ones in Michael Bay movies.


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found it. it’s @ficuswhisperer


It’s one of my favorite Stick Figures in Peril. I call him Zappy.


#WARNING: viagra ahead

@sam, @codinghorror: I don’t really give a shit about the badge, I just really like making bug reports, but isn’t 10 likes supposed to yield a badge?


Yesterday, I literally submitted a poster to a lab safety poster contest based on this theme:

(I would rather have drawn the images myself, but didn’t have the time. The prize is neon goggles, a beaker mug, and a $20 Starbucks card. For that, I had to try. I mean, neon fucking goggles!)

My personal favorite is this one:

I always prefer to read it as, “Beware, falling seesaws.”

Me too!

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Danger! People opening umbrellas.


That’s quite plausible. I’ve never heard of a vending machine killing a shark. I can only conclude that most sharks are quite law-abiding and don’t attempt to vandalise vending machines.


There was a certain stretch of road where I always interpreted this as WARNING Drunk Drivers Ahead…


You don’t prefer the impossible British version?


That’s impressive.