Danger! Danger!


thank you.

I was having trouble expliaing it


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To be fair, there aren’t many stats, but it’s one of those could be true things:

Sharks aren’t that dangerous, because they aren’t’ hunting us… where as we are constantly taking away snack machines’ babbies!!!

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And @noahdjango, we should write up the ATL Aquarium! It’s the biggest crime syndicate in history!!!


At least the ones in Michael Bay movies.


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found it. it’s @ficuswhisperer


It’s one of my favorite Stick Figures in Peril. I call him Zappy.


#WARNING: viagra ahead

@sam, @codinghorror: I don’t really give a shit about the badge, I just really like making bug reports, but isn’t 10 likes supposed to yield a badge?


Yesterday, I literally submitted a poster to a lab safety poster contest based on this theme:

(I would rather have drawn the images myself, but didn’t have the time. The prize is neon goggles, a beaker mug, and a $20 Starbucks card. For that, I had to try. I mean, neon fucking goggles!)

My personal favorite is this one:

I always prefer to read it as, “Beware, falling seesaws.”

Me too!

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Danger! People opening umbrellas.


That’s quite plausible. I’ve never heard of a vending machine killing a shark. I can only conclude that most sharks are quite law-abiding and don’t attempt to vandalise vending machines.


There was a certain stretch of road where I always interpreted this as WARNING Drunk Drivers Ahead…


You don’t prefer the impossible British version?


That’s impressive.


Looks like fishtailing, to me.


Danger! Danger!

When we touch.
When we kiss.


maybe it did a 180?


On 2 wheels? I suppose if we accept that the car is as 2 dimensional as it looks, that would work.