Danger! Danger!


Ok you got me lolling on that one.




Here are some photos I took in Thailand:

“Light can harm eye of the tiger”

This sign at the peak of the tallest mountain in Thailand is not, strictly speaking, a warning sign, but you could easily be confused into interpreting it as such:

(there were urinals around the corner to the right, they’re not telling you to piss off a cliff, although the option is there… with no fence or other barrier)


Your Thai signs are my unicorn chaser from the gun thread.


Not technically a “danger, danger” sign, but your post reminded me of when I was in Sri Lanka in a group where I was the only foreigner, and my hosts explained to me that the signs written in 3 languages outside various points of interest did not say the same thing in each language: in English they would say the entrance fee, using a cardinal number, but the Sinhalese and Tamil sections would say “if you can read this, the fee is…” (and then write out the number, which would be anything from 1/4th to 1/10th of the number given in English).

Which seems perfectly fair to me!

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Are you going to argue with the penguins?



Still haven’t got my hands on a bottle.



Oh snap. That’s a good one.


Outland also has “foreshadowing Inventory”


another relevant avatar:
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###“Inversion through the origin ahead!”



Does seem a bit unsportsmanlike…

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