Dead Celebrity


From a comment in Charles Stross’s Blog


Crap. I really enjoyed his posts (on VR especially).



Word was that long-time collaborator, director Denis Villenueve (Prisoners; Sicario; Arrival) had picked Mr. Johannsson to score the next (and very promising) Dune film adaptation. Just 48.




This would be good news if he didn’t have adult children continuing his damaging “work” across the globe.



Two today that have me quite sad: the incredibly funny writer Cynthia Heimel, and the wonderfully talented actress Sridevi Kapoor:



From wikipedia

On the 50th anniversary of running the sub-4-minute mile, Bannister was interviewed by the BBC’s sports correspondent Rob Bonnet. At the conclusion of the interview, Bannister was asked whether he looked back on the sub-4-minute mile as the most important achievement of his life. Bannister replied to the effect that no, he rather saw his subsequent forty years of practising as a neurologist and some of the new procedures he introduced as being more significant. His major contribution in academic medicine was in the field of autonomic failure, an area of neurology focusing on illnesses characterised by certain automatic responses of the nervous system (for example, elevated heart rate when standing up) not occurring.





Lennon famously said the beatles were more popular than jesus but he couldn’t have said the same about dodd. Amazing to think he was the only artist to rival the beatles in record sales in the 60s.


Craig Mack (of Flava in Ya Ear fame) died.

He was 46.



Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

Nietzsche defined health not as the absence of illness, but in overcoming it. By his formulation, Hawking was the healthiest man of his age.


Sad as all sadness.

Also: Step aside, never-ending shitstream of “news” about Trump. At least for a day.


I wish.