Dead Celebrity



This makes me sad - I really liked her, and she seemed to be a really nice person. Best Lois EVER.


My cousin worked with her on an independent historical drama. He always spoke of her in glowing terms, both her professionalism and her genuine friendliness.


This was so ahead of its time, copied so many times since by shittier bands (listening again I noticed one passage shamelessly copied by GYBE I think it was).



Aww, man… I used to listen to Symphony No. 1 over and over during college.


I can’t think of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 without thinking of the schoolhouse rock music.


Oh, damn.


Also an interesting read.

After reading Acid Test in my teens (mid 70s), I vacuumed up everything he wrote for years.


Just this past weekend I was sailing with my father on his boat that he named “The Right Stuff”.

I hid the EKAAT from him as a teenager. lol


Interestingly, I had someone commenting “outdated since the 80s” on his death, and when challenged specifying "ok, I should have said ‘white dude with sexist and racist stuff which his fans took for literature due to pretentious writing style’. (Roughly translated from German original.)

I never read Wolfe (of course watcher Vanities), but I trust this person’s literary judgement.
I wonder if any obituaries will comment on this in a similar matter…


I borrowed that book from my mom when I was in college. On her suggestion. :upside_down_face:


Only 1 to 10?


The NY Times does quote from negative reviews, and other authors’ opinion of him.


I’ve read a fair few of his books and I definitely agree. An engagingly flashy stylist, but his politics were shite.


Not to be mistaken for former England international Ray Wilkins, who died last month.


Good memories of Margot Kidder (who was also a journalist) –




I know two guys who are going to art school on the GI Bill today. If they can be half as successful as Mr Indiana we’ll all be better off.