Dead Celebrity


It worked! Can you believe that!?


This show is too deep into the Uncanny Valley for anyone in my family to stomach watching it. I love the occasional Ska breakout, though. Great song, and more importantly, FUCK CANCER.



John McCain may not have had a squeaky clean voting record, but I appreciate him having stood up to our asshole president.


He went down swinging.


And ‘The Maverick’ will overshadow the passing of this american treasure…



Well, Damn it all.

Oscar Madison: “I cannot stand little notes on my pillow! “We are all out of cornflakes, F.U.” It took me three hours to figure out F.U. was Felix Unger.”

I’ve seen the play, but Simon topped himself with his own adaptation for the big screen. The triple play kills me every time.




Jacqueline Pearce dead: Doctor Who star dies aged 74

Blake’s 7 and Doctor Who star Jacqueline Pearce has died at the age of 74, shortly after being diagnosed with lung cancer,


What do we say to cancer, boys and girls?


Saw the headline in the newspaper and had hoped that it might’ve been a concert announcement…



Does this count? I don’t know if this counts:


Yeah, he was famous enough that I knew of him, so I’d say he counts as a “celebrity.”

I’ve long been surprised Amway got that big. I mean, there’s really that many people who buy their scammy shit?


Once you accumulate enough wealth, the money pretty much just multiplies unless you really, really suck at investing or your wealth manager fleeces you.

Grand Rapids releases a sigh of relief this morning. Dick DeVos was not a well liked man.


I guess so… I don’t even know what kind of shit they peddle, to be honest with you. I just know they are known for basically being a pyramid scheme type operation…

Neither is his daughter in law…


I think the major part of the shit they sell is the pyramid scheme itself. Cracked did a good expose on it:

“The two years I was supposedly building my Amway business, I lost nearly $10,000 on tapes, seminars, books, gas, and traveling expenses for out-of-town seminars. My earnings? Less than $500 total. Since I was unemployed – and pretty much unemployable for any nonburger-flipping job – those $10,000 came exclusively from my grandmother, who was also my biggest (and only) Amway customer, buying expensive, ‘concentrated’ Amway products she didn’t need, every month to support me.”


Betsy was not very well known, even throughout Michigan, before she became the fox guarding the Education henhouse.