Dead Celebrity


I saw this earlier and also thought of @LDoBe


Daisy Daisy…



I did not see that Zeni posted this earlier.


He will be missed. Future Marvel movies just won’t be the same without his cameos.


NPR’s Fresh Air replayed their interview with Stan Lee from 1991 today. In it, Stan was talking about how he was working hard to get a project going with James Cameron (“who did the Terminator movies”) for a full-length feature movie of The Amazing Spiderman, and Stan promised that we’d see a lot more Marvel movies in the future.

Ain’t it the truth.



I have a feeling that future Marvel movies will get him in, although (I hope) not with some CGI simulacrum (which would be creepy), but some still-image stuck in here and there (sort of like where’s Waldo).


May your memory modules never be pulled.


I can’t remember was he “pick’n” or “grin’n”?


Clarke had one of the better episodes of the original run of The Muppet Show.



Not sure how we missed this one, this makes me so sad:

Although brain tumor seems oddly fitting for a group who used their brains more than just about anyone…






I remember the older edition of Craig Anderton’s Electronic Projects for Musicians had copper trace layouts stamped “Godbout” – I assume it was the same person? (Later, by the time I bought a copy, Paia took over.)


I think so.



I tip my top hat to Mr. Fox.

Duck Stab is perhaps my favorite. Eskimo was the one and only album to ever give me nightmares; mission accomplished?


We’ve watched Walkabout a few times. It’s almost hypnotic!


Could be my favorite of his. I also heartily recommend Performance, which is probably a bit more Donald Cammell’s film, and Eureka. Here’s the not-exactly representative trailer: