Dead Celebrity


Now calling matches in the next world…


Ahh, shit. His collaborations with the Beach Boys in the early 70s were pretty great helping to fill in at a time where Brian Wilson was pretty much checked out.


No offense to the Captain but, this song is why I bought my first car stereo with a cassette deck because I couldn’t take listening the song on the radio any more.



WTF? Who’s killing off all the 76-year-olds. That’s three now.


Yeah I am thinking can I just skip that year?


76 is the new 27.


Four, if you include the end of last year

Carlisle football legend Peter Thompson - a star for Liverpool and England - has died aged 76.


I mean today.


Will pornhub searches for “muskrat love” spike in the days to come, or is that too depraved, even for the tantric weirdos of North Dakota?


I was just noting that there was a pattern emerging. We need someone to break it, but I don’t want to wish death on most people.

Mike Pence isn’t 76, is he?


No only 59… The cheeto is 72…


Oh, fuck me. Brian Wilson (speaking of the Beach Boys…) is also 76.

While he is still touring and seems to be doing reasonably well-health wise (other than the usual physical ailments on account of being fucking 76 and all) you just never know. I know I’ll be just destroyed when he goes.




I’ve know about the people who say they are going to heaven. I don’t want to go to the same place.


Oh no… not Mean Gene!



I remember, many many years ago when Dr. Demento’s radio program was on the air, a brilliant sendup of that song:

Hamster, hamster, by candlelight
Do it in a casserole is doin’ it right
When they’re in season
They’re pretty pleasin’…



Her visibility undoubtedly helped a lot of people. I’m surprised this hasn’t been more in the news.


It looks like it was only covered by the Guardian, Independent, BBC and ITV. The Torygraph decided to deadname her in their obituary’s first sentence, before their paywall stopped me reading more of their shitshow.