Dead Celebrity


Tricky not to mention her past in an obituary without mentioning her previous name, I’d prefer the respectful over the blatant, but then it was the Torygraph. On reflection, kind of hoping this doesn’t get picked up by the [Sieg] Mail or the Express.


True, but the other four managed to not start by saying"Julia Grant, who has died aged 64, was born ***" as if her previous name was the most important thing about her.


Exactly where we agree.




Carol Channing passed away.



He had at least one very good idea.





Oh wow! That’s sad news!



Legendary caricaturist Al Hirschfeld rendered Channing many times. This one (with George Burns) is one of my favorites:


Nothing would please me more than being wrong about this, but the odds of survival are minimal at this point.


“Mr. Cub,” Ernie Banks. At least he got to finally see the Cubs win a World Series.


He died 4 years ago.


It’s kind of late… having trouble braining. I think I better go to bed before I post something stupider.





He stayed at the club during a very tough time before retiring early at 25 because of CFS.