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or maybe, “Least Funny Funny Guy.”

we’re talking about your avatar, right?



Could you work out the viewport settings, so clicking on the View The Conversation link doesn’t open the comment page so zoomed in on iOS? On an iPhone, I have to manually zoom out to be able to read more than a couple of words at a time in the default page view.


In seriousness ( ! ) it might be useful to have negative rep points that are a positive goal. or possibly something like a cumulative total of likes and something new along the lines of most useful skeptical response. Community critic points. So unfamiliars could get a glimpse of the rep of someone by hovering over their avatar. (I have noticed you have some of this functionality and am extending it, perhaps.)

I would love to be able to check the community opinion on someone’s posts. I see you can find ‘liked’ totals on the person’s page. A quicker check would be cool. and some nuance, too, though I realize . . .

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I often wonder which users I tend to “like” the most. I know on BBS there are certain posters that when I see their avatar, I get a little excited now because I’m very likely to enjoy what they’re about to say (for a variety of reasons). I suspect that would correlate well with a list of the top (n) people I have liked, shown on my user page somewhere.

It’d also be interesting to find out the reverse, which users “like” my posts the most.

Dislikes and hater list… uh, how about that weather! Great weather we’re having, isn’t it?


A little cloudy, just now. But yeah.

He’s speaking on how he uses the main site.

I haven’t seen this mentioned yet, so I apologize if it was suggested already and ended up being rejected. On the BBS homepage, is there a way we could get the permalink for the BB posts stuck somewhere next to each topic’s BBS discussion link? Since the discussion is on BBS rather than BB, I tend to go to BBS first for updates to see what everyone’s talking about. I’ll see the list of topics (including these meta discussions, but of course most topics are slaved to BB posts), and I can click on an interesting topic which takes me straight to the discussion, but if I want to responsibly RTFA first, that’s another click on the permalink on the discussion page. If the permalink existed on the BBS homepage, I could read first, then hit the discussion. It’s a very minor thing, and one extra click probably never killed anyone, but it’s still inelegantly ass-backwards to always have to go to the discussion first, then check out the permalink, then back up to the discussion. (Yes, I could just go to BoingBoing first to look for interesting articles, and I do, but at a certain point in the day, the discussions become more interesting than the articles, particularly since they get fresh content more often.)

I guess it’s a result of having the discussion divorced from the BB articles themselves, but maybe if the topic description was essentially the article’s permalink, and there was another “Discussion” link immediately next to it that took one straight to the BBS topic, that’d be neat. Of course, everyone’s already gotten used to the way it functions now, but what the hell. It’s a suggestion.


I noticed at one point that you had "liked’ multiple posts of mine. Then I saw the total number of likes that you have given and felt less special …


I guess Jeff’s a little slutty that way. But I will bestow upon you my 71st Like, and it comes from the heart.


I’d like to take this a step further.

as DP says, we need a way to be able to see what the post is about beyond just the headline from BBS. we can go direct to discussion from the main page with the speech-bubble links, the utility of which was quickly seen and implemented. the opposite should be just as important.

however, my wish is not for a mere link (though i’ll take it; beggars can’t be choosers.) Ideally (to my mind,) we could mouse over the topics in BBS to show a pop-up of the permalink to give us enough context if we want to click through to it for more (long posts), or just go to the discussion.

anyway, at least give us a link to the posts from the BBS topics. it only makes sense.


Update: I’ve noticed that the number of comments seems to have gone way down (for the posts I click through) since the switch. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing since the smaller number of comments seem to be of a bit better quality overall. However, I almost never click through to the forums. I like to just keep scrolling and see the first one or two comments after a post, but I’m not willing to click a link and wait for another page to load.

Oh, I dunno. I like how @codinghorror points out that threading is impossible to format properly, that it goes over to the right of the screen. AS NATURE INTENDED.

If only we could shove those threads into a computer and manipulate them the way we wanted to.

Ah, 'tis but a fancy. Now, back to stacking the lead. Mind the p’s and q’s!

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forgotten, or just far down on your list? sorry, not trying to bitch here, just curious

regarding youtube[quote=“Woodchuck45, post:15, topic:8909”]
I can’t seem to get Discourse to let me use the #t= trick.

can something be done for this?

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