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All I can really offer you is that one or both users could be banned from the forum for a set period of time, either voluntarily or… not… voluntarily.

Nice thread, as was the thread you referenced within. Thanks again CH.

Edit - After further thought, codinghorror have you got, or would you consider making, a list of “I make online communities, and here are some relevant threads to issues” available?

Understood. Oh well. It’s a sometimes-useful tool, but we can manage without it. Thanks for considering, anyway; I’ll stop pestering you about it.

the quote-replies are broken up so the username is separate from the quote:

That was an artifact of some recent design changes, should be fixed now!

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As per here, I’d like to suggest that the user trust level might be augmented to show whether someone is active or suspended. It seems the case on that thread was based at least partly on PMs, which mean someone can violate standards without it being visible; I think it would prevent some confusion if one could at least see what resulted.

Likewise in the example I gave way back here, codinghorror argued against leaving offensive material in the thread, and noted that if it’s a pattern we can trust the moderators will know. Which is fair enough, but it occurs to me that if it comes to the point someone is no longer welcome here, a status indicator would not be so obtrusive but still assure people the problem has been dealt with.

Would it not work with the general approach here?

As noted in another thread, the principle they’re trying to use here is “user is in a Time Out”, rather than “user is suspended”. Making that more visible has drawbacks as well as advantages.

@chenille and @technogeekagain you can read my thoughts on that here

I like the use of “nuked” and “suspended” in your explanations, rather than “banned” which clearly has variable interpretations. You’re “nuking” spammers and “suspending” users, it’s a great distinction.

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I generally agree with what you say there. I had forgotten about trust levels coloring user names, and was essentially suggesting the second half of this:

So for those community members that get curious about what happened to Bill, they can start a meta topic about it, or click on his user page to see the same public ban information (a brief sentence, plus duration) Bill himself can.

That seems particularly important since without it, it may even be hard to know if Bill’s absence is worth asking about. If the info on the user page is already implemented, it’s not somewhere I found noticeable; even PM still seems to work on people I assume can’t get them.

hey, cool! my CSS to gray the pure white works now!

annnnndddd, you’ve swicthed it back while I’ve been writing this post. c’mon, guys; hook a brother up.

two small things:

can y’all align this menu to the right? I’ve already dragged my cursor all the way far right to click the avatar. instead of dragging it back to the left, it would be nice to just swipe down to get at the buttons–it’s just a slightly less awkward hand motion. I guess the “list” menu next to it could use that, too, come to think of it.

also, I know they might still be under construction, but the R key command only works if I’m scrolled to the bottom of a thread. what’s the point of having a keybind if I have to go to where the button is anyway?

@beschizza–how’s that favicon coming?


Fantastic point. That will be right-aligned soon!

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I actually don’t agree with the change, the mis-alignment / inconsistency is wreaking havoc with my OCD

Less mouse movement > your OCD.

It is aligned, just to the right.

edit: discussing this a bit further we think making the entire row clickable in each “menu” solves both problems. We’ll try that…


I eventually had thought of that, too, but only after awesomerobot had agreed to my initial suggestion.

Making the row clickable is a better solution, but I cannot fathom the objection to right-alignment. I don’t think I’m OCD but I am particular about certain things. Ah, well; I’m also left-handed. The whole world is already backwards to me. Making each row clickable will really help that topic list menu next to it–there’s a lot of empty space to wade through in that one.

so, ah… what’s the deal with the R?

For the “Invite Friends” bit - possible to add Twitter? LinkedIn?

You can use Share (the chain link button) for that.

Invite is intended for email, since it mails a single use link that lets people reply to a topic immediately without registering.

Note that people you invite are permanently attached to your account under the “Invites” tab so… invite wisely. :grinning:

Ahhhh … thanks! Yes, unfortunately, invite wisely!

Ooo! ooo! I have a request/suggestion! Plz to make it so that when I click on the comments on an article on the main page that I have already read, it takes me to the last comment I had previously seen, same as it does from the BBS page? Cos as it is now, if I see there’s been more kibitzing from the peanut gallery, I have to click on another article’s comments, then go to the BBS, THEN click on the article I want to get to the last read bit. You feel me?