Did Moses use SPF infinity sunscreen?

Nubia is now divided between modern Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan.

Assuming that the people now referred to as Nuba are genetically closely related to the people after whom Nubia was named, they might have looked like this lady:


Well, I can hear the English auteur saying in a very English way that it isn’t racist because he isn’t racist. Now go and get me some of those garlic naan and shut the fuck up, man.

According to Asterix, this is:

Nuttin’. What’s-a-Nubian you?


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The car flies.

Too bad Isaac Hayes isn’t available.


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Shut the fuck up!

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Most Europeans are related to Tutankhamen. Most Europeans are Caucasian. Whether or not the gene in question is related to skin color is probably up for debate. But still…

Livescience already responded to the work done by the Swiss to make that claim . . .

. . .and found it seriously lacking in scientific worth. The University of Tubingen in Germany was actually the source for the partial DNA information that the genomics company in Switzerland used to make the claim. Partial DNA information was included in a publication - but not all the sequence was published. It only showed the X markers - mother only. That information clearly showed African descent.

The Swiss genomics company then used screen grabs of sequencing shown on a computer screen in a Tut Discovery Network television special to get their partial data from the father’s side (the one they claim is Caucasian). They never confirmed if the data was valid or even applied to Tut. No call was made to the university completing the sequencing before they made their announcement.

Discover Magazine also responded to the claim, and they were no more amused.

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Your post still makes no sense in the context of defending (if it was) the choice to cast caucasian actors in lead roles as Egyptians.

You’re right that would make no sense, which is why I thought it was obvious that wasn’t what I was doing :). I’d note that Joel Edgerton has neither red/auburn hair nor an aquiline nose for starters…

Also, thanks for finding the original!

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:slight_smile: I kinda figured you weren’t trying to make that point, was just not quite sure what it was you were trying to say - that’s probably from the omitted text. Some people use the fact of Ramses II having red hair to claim that Europeans must have had some control over Egypt, so I thought you were making that argument.

Paler and darker-skinned people variously held control of ancient Egypt. While the Hyksos (those were the Asiatic people) did take over part of Egypt, it wasn’t during the period reflected in the Moses story. They were in charge from the Thirteenth Dynasty to the Seventeenth Dynasty - when war drove them from Egypt. The Moses story history takes place during the Eighteenth Dynasty - when local rulers were back in charge and still fighting against the Hyksos. So the movie’s casting makes no historical sense when you look at the timeline of ancient Egypt. It’s the wrong period for asiatic people to be running things.

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