Did you ever want to play questions?

Aw, how could you miss SpamFest?


should we start a Tums fund for @falcor?


Why the F*** is that MaxMind thread pissing me off so much?

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Sorry, which thread?
Is there somebody wrong on the Internet, some real injustice happening, somebody acting real stupid?
Do you need a hug or a good talk? Isn’t it late over there?

Shouldn’t I’ve been talking before I knew which tread you are talking about?


Do you ever have days where you think you aren’t conveying a point well enough? Isn’t it mostly that sort of thing? Perhaps I do just need a bit of sleep?


Does having those day’s sound very familiar? Isn’t it likely you indeed need some sleep? Do I wish you a very good night of sleep and better day’s tomorrow?

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Because you are clearly ignoring it’s pointing at a house, damnit, ***a house!***?


Awwww, did I miss all the funs?


That they are nice, convenient, adorable bags?


Why has my child taken approximately 5,000 photos in less than 48 hours while visiting this particular college? And why am I taking time out of my work to help her by downloading them because her Dropbox keeps over-filling?

Does this mean she’s changing her mind about which one she’s going to accept? (Am I happy about that, or not?)


Is that a Prius in your driveway?

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Is yours the same color? Didn’t you know you can’t swing your arms in Seattle without hitting one?


Especially with keys sticking out of your fingers? Ooops, was that me? Should I be sorry?


Why wouldn’t it be, who wants to wash their car all the time? Didn’t you know it’s the same thing in Ann Arbor?

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Did I study well enough to get an A on this morning’s Finance test?
:100: :heavy_check_mark:


Can you believe that some people prefer Mary Pickford to Donald Sutherland? Doesn’t the mind boggle?

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Do you not like the Canadian America’s Sweetheart?

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Did you know I’ve been procrastinating on filling my taxes by finally starting work on my text processing tool suite for writers?

Is it really procrastinating if I can’t file taxes during lunch anyway?


Why don’t you include a feature that limits writers to only the thousand-most common words in English?

UPDATE: this post is now a Wookiee; edit re-spoon ably!

#Happy Life-Day!

To celebrate life day, we surprise you by taking something dear to your hearts, and shutting it down.

Embrace the fragility of life! Embrace the transitory nature of our being! Enjoy Life-day!

There is a secret here :arrow_down_small: (edit this comment to see it!)

Shouldn't I be adding a Donald for the previous Wookiee edits -- both visible and invisible?

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