Documentary about an artist's relationship with extraterrestrials


The sex alien looks like an exact human below the neck, but alien face with human hair. It seems as though the aliens made her to be sexually attractive to humans.

So if my assumption is correct, why the hell would they not humanize the face a bit more? Imagine your first time with those black eyes staring at you, that would likely be frightening! Why not make her all human and no one would even know she was an alien?

Or… maybe she just wanted to bang some human dude, end of story?

You have some typos.

Headline should read “Documentary about an artist’s relationship with aliens delusions,

Body should read “Brad Abrahams is making a documentary about a 70-year-old man named David Huggins who has had claims to have had a lifetime of close encounters with extraterrestrials (including losing his virginity to one) and shares his experiences beliefs through oil paintings.”


I know the subject matter alluded to such depictions, but it might’ve been an idea to slap a NSFW warning on this one, considering there’s full frontal (alien) nudity from the very first shot…


I wish I could give you a buncha likes, but here’s one.

I’d love to see this guy go head to head with James Burke on a “you are not so smart” podcast, with actual researchers involved.

He just needs that publicity …

sigh Fine. I’ll watch the video.


I want to believe, sorta.

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What…why would you…

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I have to admit that those wigs sits well on greys… the blue robes not so much.

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