"Don't feed the trolls" they keep saying. and it keeps not working

Good series, but more importantly, that is without a doubt the best gif I have ever seen.

How the fuck do you fire a blank round near a baby and not have it go completely apeshit? My wife made ours cry by doing a tomcat impression, and he’s otherwise a ridiculously brave baby (or maybe I was a cowardly one, not sure)!

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That’s why we like you.

Different people have different ideas of what trolls are. I find trolls way less annoying than people who genuinely hold idiotic beliefs, and they by definition aren’t trolls. MRAs, NRAs, gamergaters, climate change deniers, truthers - these people all either believe what they’re saying, believe that they believe what they’re saying, or they believe that believing what they’re saying is important, useful, or valuable. There are liberal equivalents, too - I just picked a few of the more obvious ones which tend to fall on the Right. I hope it isn’t like saying ‘Candyman’ 3 times into a mirror with the lights switched off.

(note; I once made this joke about an american gun enthusiast on a bushcraft forum and terrifyingly, it worked exactly as per the urban legend). But it can’t be real, right?


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That’s “trawling.”

Trawling is with a net.

Trolling is with a line.


Is there an echo in here?

Hmmm… my dictionary includes long-line fishing under trawling.

Trawling uses nets. I’m pretty sure ‘trolling’ is a different activity, although I’m sure the words have a similar origin.

Could be we all fell for a classic, old school trawl.


I know… I love that gif too. One of my faves.

I bet they had to do the take many times… or maybe they added the sound later? Or maybe the ear protection the baby had was that good? I wonder, actually, cause that’s a good question.

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Sorry, more exact: In modern English usage, trolling may describe the fishing technique of slowly dragging a lure or baited hook from a moving boat[21] whereas trawling describes the generally commercial act of dragging a fishing net.

You know what’s feeding the trolls?

#Engaging in off-topic pedantic debates.

“Pedantic” said the pedant.
“Pedantic” said the pedant.
Tension, apprehension,
And dissension have begun


Trolling the feeds?


I’m guessing that those cutesy earmuffs camouflage some industrial ear defenders… pretty well, as I must’ve looked at the gif for about 15 minutes before I even noticed them.Someone in the costume dept is a weapons-grade professional.


I think you mean to reply to a different post. Can’t see how that’s relevant to my post.

I wouldn’t be surprised. Compared to the other Whovian universe shows, there is lots of weapons in Torchwood. Gwen started out as a cop, after all.


Oh, by ‘weapons grade’ I meant that their costume design skills had been concentrated and refined to the point where they could sustain a chain reaction of awesome.


D’oh! But I bet the other thing is also true… Lots of banging, shooting, and a-spolding in that show.