Ello, what's all this then? An ad-free social network

Dear Boingers, please forward spare invites to: redacted@redacted (clicky to reveal)
I promise to share an invite with the next person on the list who requests one… I want to get in before they sell out… kthxbye

This sounded like a good idea; I read thru the article, but nowhere did I see the word “encryption”. Just another bullshit hangout site then! Sorry, not interested.



Und zo, I haf FOUR invites for “sale”…

I’m all out of bitkoinz!

I alzo take blitkoinz!

OR just say the secret word

I don’t think it’s a good idea to trust a Colombian based web site.

###Nice one bruva!

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I’d like an invite if someone has one spare. Love to have a play and explore.

Need an email address to send it to… (PM me)

  • please offer one invite to the next person on the thread who asks…
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FYI - this was posted on Gawker today:



PM’ed you (I asked someone I know for one, but he hasn’t sent me one - possibly because I pointed out the economic concerns addressed above). I’ll have a go at it though, at least it’s not bloody facebook…

Ok it’s sent

Cheers. Bit sparse, innit?

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Can you explain for those of use with limited experience with underpants gnomes?

Is this like the Terry Pratchett’s sock fairy?

Good to see. Protecting their bottom-line (advertisers) is still clearly their #1 priority.

Why is everyone falling for it? Because someone else told them it was the in thing?

They are a bunch of gnomes from an early South Park episode who steal kids’ underpants at night. Eventually they explain their plan:

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Gnomes (South Park) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The gnomes, claiming to be business experts, explain their business plan: Gnomes’ three-phase business plan

  1. Collect Underpants
  2. ?
  3. Profit

edit: a bit too late…


Because it’s probably better than the alternative I suppose.

Agreed. If the technorati loved privacy and no ads so much, they’d all be on Diaspora.

I like Ello, but I think it’s likely to be a fad. It may spawn some more fads though, and those fads may spawn something which some staying power.

The one thing all these services need though is the ability to take that ball of stuff Facebook gives you when you download your data, and let you upload it to their server. In fact, I can’t think of why more people don’t do this (possibly face book’s data is in some crap format).