Escape from New York, again

I think a better setting would be Idaho. Right-wing anti-government extremists shoot down Air Force one as it flies over their militia land.

Militia Land would be an insular society. Surely, there would be the militant activits, but also there may be non-sympathizers who are trapped there because of family ties, poverty, and of course there could be some straight up kidnapped people trapped within the walls and gates of Militia Land.


The guy that uploaded that is correct -

“You can be cool, but you’ll never be Snake Plissken-high-fiving-Peter Fonda-while-riding-a-tsunami-through-a-c­anyon-in-the-middle-of-LA-trying-to-catc­h-Steve Buscemi-in-his-sweet-ass-old-school-car cool…”


@2:08 :smiley:

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No remake. Sequel.


Snake on a plane?


Shades of Land of the Dead.

An absolute necessity. 1997 is the pre-apocalyptic, dystopian year of choice for movies in this genre, in no small part thanks to Escape From New York itself. I have no evidence to support it, but I’ve always imagined that the original Mad Max was set in 1997, as was the music video for Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia.”

Kevin Costner’s movie The Postman came out in 1997, and the apocalyptic “Doomwar” that triggered civilization’s collapse in that movie was supposed to take place in 1998. (The movie itself was set in 2013, so… wow.) Then there was Class of 1999, and though Blade Runner was set in 2019, the original book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? was set in 1992.

There’s something about “slightly futuristic” movies that were made in the 70s and 80s that’s just terrific, and so many of them chose the late 90s as being The End Of The World As We Knew It. It’s no accident that the fake copyright date at the end of the “Knights of Cydonia” is 1981.

A few years ago, some friends of mine wrote a movie based upon this trope of postapocalyptic-1997-as-seen-from-1981. Originally it was going to be called Bounty Killer 1997, and it was an amazingly fun and inventive script. They did eventually actually make it (though sadly without the 1997 for some reason), and it can be streamed on Netflix.

I dearly love shit like this!

Huh. Y’know what, why not? I’d totally watch her as Snake, long as she keeps the scars, the zebra pants, the eyepatch, the limp, and the growl. Stubble not necessary.


HOLY COW! Now I have to go watch the movie. That is incredible.

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It’s all in the reflexes. :smile:

Honey, I never drive faster than I can see…

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I heard rumours a while back that Kurt had been drafted for the Thing sequel, set moments after the end of the first film but I think the Big Trouble in Little China sequel should take precedence!

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If you love Jack Burton you must read the script for Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League by Ernie Cline. (if you have not already.) It is brilliant. It should be made.

Jack Burton is perfect.


My faith is restored in humanity. I had not read the script but soon will. Thanks!

Its little more than a cameo, but its Jack Burton AND Buckaroo.


I agree.

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“Hey Snake, is that you?”
“No, I’m Stuntman Mike.”
“Sheeeeet! Hey Warren, check out this Plisken lookin’ mofo!”
“Yeah, that’s Stuntman Mike.”
“What the hell is Stuntman Mike?”
“He’s a stuntman.”


Not enough Manic Panic mohawks or motorcycle jackets in that scenario.

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So, did the movie live up to your vision for it?

Also, the Knights of Cydonia video is just about the most excellent music video ever made. TIL I’m not Muse’s oldest fan. :wink:

Until a week ago, I didn’t even know they’d finished it. They showed me a short ~30-minute version of it a couple years ago (and borrowed my '68 F250 as one of the bad-guy vehicles for a desert chase scene), and that was utterly amazing and exactly what I’d hoped it would be. But then I fell out of touch. I reconnected at a mutual friend’s memorial service last week, and as we dried our tears they told me they’d finished it.

I haven’t seen all of the finished film (my 5-year-old came downstairs after having a nightmare when I was 20 minutes into the movie, so I had to stop watching, and so I intend to try again tonight once the kids are in bed), but what I’ve seen so far lives up to the short film’s promise.

Yes, it is. I don’t think I’ve ever heard another Muse song, but that particular song kicks ass, and the video is flawless. Sublime.


Gods! With all of the movies that could be made, that have never been made, why all of these reboots? How about doing Little Brother and Homeland or Makers…


You have seen the trailer for Samuel L. Jackson’s next movie, haven’t you?

Produced and directed by the people who did “Rare Exports” so it should be really fun.

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