Ethereum Classic blockchain successfully attacked, over $500,000 stolen


But weren’t they just anonymous wallets on the internet to begin with? When were they ever somewhere that they could disappear from?


It’s the psuedo part of psuedonymous

They needed 500,000 dollars worth of etc before they started the heist. Then they needed exchanges that would allow them to remove that much money quickly.

Sure, coins can be stolen, the know your customer credentials can be spoofed, they can carefully hide their IP addresses at every stage…including during mining…

But criminals rarely have that level of opsec, even in crypto country.


Yeah, but I guess I’m asking, how would you know the difference is they disappeared as in got killed vs. if they disappeared as in took the money they stole and never touched the accounts they stole it with again? We have no evidence to support either, do we?


I figure we never hear about them again because they’re busy laundering their coins through exchanges and tumblers before cashing out.

It’s not like the guy is going to post “I just stole half a million coins and live at 505 Elm Street and you all suck!” As people have pointed out, you need some smarts to pull of these heists so I assume that includes enough smarts to know how to keep your mouth shut and how to launder cryptobucks.


We have no evidence either way. However, the assertion that a nerd just got rich and is being quiet about it is the extraordinary claim here.

He will be buying someone drugs to try to make friends in 1 week flat


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