Fancy arcade game simulator cabinet inspired by Pong's design


I always love these as design projects, but lets be real…they’re never going to be played. These are just going to be conversation pieces in the corner of some rich persons living room. That’s why I’m making my own unplayed cabinet for much less than $3K.


Looks like an X-Arcade Tankstick – I’ve got one of those working with an RPi running Retropie, and love it. Can you elaborate on how you applied the graphics? They look great!


That’s what it is; not sure what it’s running as I didn’t set up the MAME side of things. The sides are 80s-era woodgrain contact paper found at a hardware store. The top graphic was printed on a home color printer, spray-mounted onto black foamcore, and stuck in place with double sided tape (cheap!). For the Tankstick, the X-Arcade folks emailed me a template that I designed the graphics around – I sent them back a Photoshop file and a few weeks later they shipped the decal for the tankstick. I forget how much it cost to print.


This artwork is great!


Thank you! I liked the instruction panel we came up with…



Thoroughly awesome! One of these days I need to bite the bullet and add a trackball to mine. Love the artwork too, and the instructions are hilarious.


Ha, always welcome! Downtown SF. The last of the funky old warehouses in the hood aka 6th street.

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