Flickr offers the best social media experience going

Why give your personal photos to some corporation to begin with ?


Wasn’t Flickr bought by Smugmug? Why do you still need a Yahoo acct to sign up? Is there any way to just create a Flickr acct without having to have anything to do with Yahoo?

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This has happened to me 2 maybe 3 times over the years.

NM, looks like they still haven’t fully implemented the non-Yahoo login system that they promised late last year.

This. I joined Flickr in 2004 (!). It was a great and innovative photo-based social networking service. Then Yahoo! happened and it all slowly went to shit as it was neglected and stagnated. I stuck with it for a while and then eventually decided the whole concept of a photo sharing social network just wasn’t that important to me. (Maybe it’s because I’ve grown much more introverted as I’ve gotten older.)

I don’t remember what the impetus was for deleting my account – something about the SmugMug acquisition was the final straw that had me decide to finally export my content (just in case) and be done with it altogether.

(ETA: Hmm looks like I didn’t delete my Flickr account after all. I’ll need to add that to my list of things to do.)

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True for typical optical media however, there’s M Disk for archiving. Theoretically should be readable for 1000 years. If something is truly important & valuable I’m not trusting the internet for safe keeping.

Ironically I’m about to let my account die. The new owners are charging too much. Also, it sucks now: It’s impossible to find images, the phone app is clunky and doesn’t work half the time.

Nope. I’m done with it.

I actually just cancelled my membership, after being on it for god knows how many years, but at least 3 or 4 before yahoo purchased it, my main problems where i never used it, no one i know used it, i got no value from it, its cost actually money to store photos that i can store for free in my home drobo, i dont use my dslr any more, dont think i have touched it in almost 2 years, my phone camera is just as as good these days, and when do you ever look at the photos you do take?

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