Florida police department tries to un-ironically recreate "Minority Report"

works for me


hmm. From I am, the defund the police movement is about literally defunding the people who are rioting in the streets under qualified immunity. The whole barrel is, indeed, rotten. Reform is now impossible.


Ah. That horseshoe theory, and not It’s supposed to be lucky whether you believe in it or not.


Working to prevent crime and working to arrest people for future crimes are very different things. Defunding is about moving to more crime prevention, but without arrest for the as of yet uncommitted future “crimes.”

Or is this a joke about defunding being aimed at removing cops now to stop their future crimes? If so it doesn’t really work imho, since they also have nearly endless past crimes


the article mentions at least one panic attack and a death from suicide. :confused:

but yeah, if your goal is decreasing crime it seems setup to fail – you’re charging broken windows type crimes against family members and therefore decreasing everyone’s chance of getting and keeping a job, having a stable home life, etc. all of things that help convince people to commit crimes

if your goal however is increasing the need for for additional “law and order”, your police budget, the chance of police violence, and the chance of things like bribery and sexual extortion… then it’s probably both productive and lucrative


so having fewer cops and asking them to do less kinds of work is “crushing barrel-dwellers” – and akin to harassing the family members of juvenile offenders, and throwing people in jail or prison for minor crimes and code violations?

no. i defintely don’t think so.


Yeah, how counter-productive it is depends on what the actual goals are, and the goals of the person devising the policy aren’t necessarily going to be the same goals as those enforcing the policy. Plus there’s “actual” vs. “stated” goals. I presume the stated goals of the person who came up with the policy are his actual goals, because they’re both dystopian and dumb enough. Totally counter-productive in that regard. Fairly productive for those looking to inflate their arrest records, bully people, justify the police budget, increase fine revenue, etc.


That’s just the 18 queers in the Pols Budgeting workshops who happen to buy “leather, gun oil, lavender and fear” scented soap. Others’ scents include ‘Phoenix Fear,’ ‘Fe’ar Heather,’ and ‘Spring Shrooming Fear’ with nobody^1 knowing what tanning hides is like anymore (it’s time intensive, so attendance is virtual.)

1- Okay, so maybe deep notes of cherry, chocolate and floor wax with reminders of nail polish remover gel

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Damn! So should you be related to a known criminal you and your entire family will be subjected to rigorous code enforcement? What kind of Un-American bullshit is this? Is this sheriff working for Russia or what?


So, if I got it right, this starts like China’s Social Credit System but then the scores are altered by the police by harassing tactics and “enhanced intelligence” until they are low enough (or high enough) to grant prosecution?

At least the Nazis skipped all of those procedures and just criminalised straight away entire sections of the population but hey, this method is better, it generates more profits for the software company and keeps the cops busy…


I’ve seen it applied to anarchists by name, by using the Hitler ate sugar argument to claim that anarchists and fascists are really the same.


Aka “why I quit my career at a big data firm”

No one cared as long as there was a buck to be made.


There was this one time last year, when I was hanging out in the math department, and this guy comes in asking if anyone knew about Bessel functions. I did, so I gave him some time. Turns out he was modeling drug use/crime in DC with some software and he had buttons where he could choose the model. His boss liked the model with Bessel functions better than the (obvious, basic) choice of Gaussians. I tried to figure out if he or I knew some model where you would expect Bessel functions to show up, but it was no luck; I ended up sending him to a spatial statistician I know.

I didn’t follow up to see if she (the spatial statistician) had some framework where this was a sensible thing to do, but I seriously wonder if it really came down to the fact that Bessel functions wiggle around and the interference patterns give you ‘hot spots’ which look solid and actionable to the boss. Are those hot spots meaningful? :man_shrugging:

P-fishing at it’s finest.


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