Food reviewer really likes American cheese


I’m about to make some brown sauce right now.

(And the thread devolves from here.)


Come January next year, our president might be that color.


We already have a topic for that.


I used to be a 'Merican cheese food snob, but I’ve come to realize it’s more a means to and end rather than a “proper” cheese. But the basic fact is it’s great at what it does: emulsification. Sure: roux, carefully balanced acids, egg, etc can help, but it’s hard to accomplish that super-gooeyness without it. That coupled with that it’s nearly tasteless, you can accomplish all sorts of flavors in your cheese sauce when it’s combined with other more flavorful cheeses.


Good American cheese (yes there are degrees of quality just like every other food product) is salty, tangy, and melts well on a burger or in-between two slices of enriched whitebread.

If I’m making burgers then American cheese is always in my top choices.


Exactly. Don’t come crying to me when your mac ‘n’ cheese has an oil slick on top because you didnt want to touch American cheese.

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That’s what appenzellar is for.


Yes: cry into your separated mac n’ cheese instead.


I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it, but I think President is basically the kraft cheese of brie.

Basically what I buy when I’m optimizing my brie in kg/$


It’s very sad real Brie cannot be bought in the US… :cry: The pasteurized stuff just isn’t the same.


You are dead to me.


It’s okay. You hardly notice once you put the ketchup on.



Absolutely. Not long ago a magazine surveyed a bunch of local ‘celebrity’ chefs about their perfect burgers. At least half of them said that Kraft Singles were the ideal burger cheese for its flavor and meltability. You’ve even got someone like Wylie Dufresne who makes his own Kraft Singles.


Does this mean Ronald Reagan hates America, or @actionabe hates America because he disagrees with Saint Ronnie?


That’s fuckin’ proper wrong that, like. Sausage sandwich, yes. Bacon? Ketchup or haddaway and shite.


Between this and the epidemic of people putting ketchup on hot dogs, I’m not sure that this country of mine hasnt betrayed me.


Mostly it says Ronald Reagan hated your arteries.


Again? Or still?

Remember: I put ketchup inside my burritos, too.


Do you drown baby goats for fun, too, you monster?

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