Free houses for writers

Woo, and here’s me thinking that writing off the back taxes @jgi mentioned would be a tough sell…

I understand. I don’t think I’d live in LA unless I was rich, personally. And anyway, at least in LA you can easily grab a taxi if need be. Detroit is a different story. If you haven’t had your car broken into in Detroit, you probably haven’t lived in the city very long. Not sure the same could be said for LA.

Great idea! Apart from all the xenophobia in Michigan. It’s becoming a pretty conservative place. If you go there, don’t forget to sign up for some rape insurance!

Not a bad idea, except for that “living in Detroit” part. That would be the real deal breaker.

I’ve tried dictating stories onto an mp3 player while driving to & from work, but I can’t even concentrate enough to finish a short story in my downtime these days.

Well, the plan is not exactly to flood the market with thousands or even hundreds of writers. I think a region of almost four million can absorb a handful of talented folk.

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