Fuck Today

Which is harder, the rock pushing or the liver-eating eagle visits?


Yeah. All the blather y’all see about me playing with livestock and building barns, well, I did kinda run away. And this here BBS thinger has been more helpful than I care to admit.

I really hope you can get your stressors sorted successfully without running off into the woods. Unless that really is your dream, in which case, well, just don’t take any advice from me, only well wishes.


Matter of fact: I started reading Walden to lull myself into sleep, both in English and a German translation when I wanted to see how some things were translated (I was thinking I was missing nuances, but sometimes I now think the translation got said nuances wrong…).

I can’t run away. I have a responsibility.
Which drives my search for professional help.
I’m trying to get to the source of many problems I have, which might or might not be dysfunctional behaviour related to stress. Or maybe I just expect to damn much of myself (and others, come to think, when I look at the pandemic response). Maybe it is a burnout, maybe society is just so fucked up that life as I would like it to be doesn’t even exist, maybe I am an idiot who just wants reality to bend to his will, and maybe it’s the economy (stupid).

I know it is harming the people I love, also because I obviously suffer from something. And I am, right now, even willing to take medication to help me to function. Even if it is the world which sucks, and not me.
I am mütend, as germanophone twitter puts it often.


This really isn’t my day, week, month…

Went for a walk. Saw four kids, all girls, with two women and a dog. The kids were doing something on the sidewalk, sitting down every now and then, or chrouching.

On my way back, I realised they were using chalk to write down URLs and anti-vaxx slogans. I talked to them briefly and asked them if they found it funny to do so. Asked the parent and - possibly - grandparent (or whatever) if they found it ok what their kids were writing, and that I was appalled. They told me they would be writing it themselves, and they were appalled that I was wearing a mask, and other stuff. Asked me if I had lived for thirty years in date GDR, like them. When they continued, the oldest of the kids called out to me “we are living in a free country”.

Yes you are.

You are also fucking morons.
Fuck today, and fuck you.


I take it there isn’t the mechanism we occasionally see here in :canada:, where the court refers the law back to parliament for a reworking of an invalid law, but the law gets upheld in spirit in the mean time?


Facebook’s notification system is not an autodialer because it “neither stores nor produces numbers ‘using a random or sequential number generator,’” the court found

that’s extremely unlikely. ( and an unfortunate ruling )

i can’t imagine a system as big as facebook that wouldn’t have some sort of “queue” of numbers to contact. and any queue or list would require a sequential access.

the lawyers sounded like they were arguing grammar, not algorithms.


Robocalls became a daily irritant for most people years ago, whether they have a cell phone or not. The existing legislation and regulations weren’t effective, even though we’ve got a Congress full of lawyers. Businesses are profiting from it, or they wouldn’t be doing it. Maybe this time around, Democrats could be convinced to publicize it as another issue that resonates with the majority of voters. The pro-biz pols don’t care how much this costs consumers, but some might support legislation to avoid this being mentioned in campaign ads.


Sad Empire Strikes Back GIF by Star Wars


That’s a bit surprising to me. I thought it was a sure thing.

Some threats from higher, methinks


Probably. Far too many people have bought into the idea that unions are inherently corrupt, sadly.


Or they’ve just seen workplaces closed down after union votes. Walmart does it regularly. If you need that job, risking the whole warehouse closing might seem too much. Does the union have the wherewithal to support the workers if the warehouse shuts?
When coal miners were unionizing they had the advantage that just moving to a new mine wasn’t really feasible. Amazon can open a new warehouse in a few weeks. Caterpillar just abandoned one assembly plant when the strike went on for years.
If every Amazon facility walked out to vote pro union on the same day, that might stick.


Try to stay safe, folks. Here we go again:


Well, my dumb, white ass will not go to these stupid “rallies” if that helps…

I really hate wypipo.


I think you meant to post this on the “Fuck Tomorrow” thread. Jk.
Will not be attending.


I knew the weekend was gonna be bad, but not this bad:


So, it got worse…

You could see the ash cloud on the weather satellite image starting around 6:30 this morning.


Details glossed over because nobody needs such imagery in their heads, but this weekend I learned that raccoons are vicious predators of things other than the bag of trash I forgot on the back porch overnight. Last night I chased him up a tree, then texted my partner to bring out more lights and more ammo. Those things are surprisingly tough, but no match for an angry primate who was forced to dig more tiny graves.


@bryan I learned that raccoons are vicious predators of things other than the bag of trash…

We learned this a few years ago in Toronto when the mayor declared “war” on raccoons. It ended badly…