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I saw this coming…


“Your own Distressed Asset Stabilization Program, which was designed to help right the wrongs of the meltdown years, has been selling homes that once belonged to the families I’ve spoken with at rock-bottom prices to the Wall Street entities that created this situation in the first place,” [Rep. Raúl] Grijalva wrote [D-Ariz.].

This is what I mean when there’s all this chatter about Goldman Sachs paying fines that will later be used to help distressed homeowners.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but Sec. of Labor Thomas Perez had a visit with Bill Maher last Friday.


Inevitably, if you check the twitters, more infighting amongst Dems is ensuing.

It was obvious Castro was angling for VP 4 years ago, but he has a desperately weak CV (San Antonio mayor is a much less impressive position that it appears to be), and he’s really only liked because he’s demographically useful. I do hope that if we do have to be landed with Clinton, we get a better choice for VP, but I fear we won’t.




Great article. Welcome back, @Cowicide!

Neoliberalism, from this point on, will not have the cover it did before the Sanders campaign. . . . The fantasy that only neoliberal stalwarts have the competence to handle money and defense has been shattered. . . .

[T]he key idea progressives should take from his winning campaign is that the first and most important thing to do is to change the terms of discourse, because to speak in the other side’s language is to concede defeat.

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So very true. There are cameras everywhere nowadays (along with ways to disperse the truths their images tell).

For example, CNN didn’t show this vital part of its own New York debate it hosted last night:


Here it is exposed for all to see. I watched the debate live on CNN last night and noticed that as the crowd began to stand for Bernie, the camera abruptly turned away. I even noted to those watching with me how odd that was.

Welp, here it is CNN. Here’s what you attempted to obfuscate. Now we’ll just rub your corrupt, fucking nose in it like shit on your red carpet.


This is why I’m less worried about Cruz getting the nom. in a brokered convention. He got elected Senator because people in Texas vote for the party, and don’t care about a candidate so long as they recite the Republican catechism talking points. Between the massive resentment if the unelectable Trump doesn’t get the nom., and the fact that Cruz is roughly as likable as Charlie Manson (and, well, also he’s the Zodiac Killer), he’d flame out hard in a general.


Hey @Cowicide, glad you’re back, keep fighting the good fight.


Ugh. Your ‘moderate’ GOP choice, ladies and gents.

I imagine the twitter statement was by his team, not him, too. Unless he refers to himself in the third person. Does he do that?

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There’s no moderate GOP candidate, there’s just degrees to which they attempt to cloak their agenda to appear calm and humane while pushing the same extreme and inhumane agenda.


Either that, or they’re shilling for criminals that owns big businesses.



Ugh. Your ‘moderate’ GOP choice, ladies and gents.

The tailoring of Kasich’s human-suit is pretty good, though. He would be the first R-nominee in a while whose eyelids didn’t look like they were independently operated by a couple of client-species micro-lizards.

Otherwise? Yeah, he’s Ted Cruz without the sweating disorder.


What about sweater vest disorders? I hear that sweater vests do a very good job at hiding scales.


Ted Cruz Is Helping Hold Up an Anti-Slavery Bill


I’m so sick of these extremists.


There’s a case to make that trafficking already hosts factions of evangelical extremists. Sen. Cruz has distinguished his extreme position from the other extremists.


WaPo reports on record-breaking rally for Sanders Campaign in NY!

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’s campaign said his rally on Sunday in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park drew more than 28,000 people, which would make it the largest such event for a candidate who routinely generates large, boisterous crowds. …


Donald Rumsfeld is losing hope.