Generic 2016 US Election Cycle Recycling Bin


Mud in the eye for anyone still claiming H. Clinton isn’t a neo-con.


Thankfully, some good news.

In the wake of Brexit and the fear that such tribalism could further stoke Trump supporters, I hope Clinton makes a hard turn and focuses the rest of her campaign on the Supreme Court vacancy that hangs in the balance. Clinton doesn’t have my favourite set of policies, but the Supremes definitely seem to be going in the proper direction.

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For every good thing they giveth, they take something away. Boo.


Here’s some good news.

Zephyr Teachout won her primary for New York’s 19th District.

Should be a toss-up in the general election. The Republican incumbent isn’t running again.

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Didn’t want to bother with a thread for this, so subverting this one.

Australia has an election this weekend. Some charming election spam in the mailbox today.

Something to do with one of the candidates not being from round these here parts and not, as I’d initially thought, more hate-mail. So, there’s that at least.


Our politics are fucking dismal.

Here’s hoping Nick Xenophon doesn’t burn himself out fighting the good fight, and turns out to be our Bernie Sanders one day. And that all those progressive micro-parties form a progressive alliance with the Greens, and Labor is eventually forced to make a coalition with them.


No idea who he is, but I’d totally vote for someone called Xenophon. What are his super powers?


That’s putting it mildly.

If I voted, I probably would for the NXT (Nick Xenophon Team). Or the Sex Party. But micro-parties are about the only way forward that I can see. The entrenched major players offer me only a Clinton/Trump choice and I really want neither.

Googling NXT suggest he’s got the ability to both turn himself into demon-form and also kick holes through people’s chests, along with being a programmable Lego set. Which is actually pretty badass.


Doing what ‘public servant’ says on the tin. To a heroic degree…


Xenephon’s a bit too far to the economic right for my taste, but at least he’s honest. The ALP and the Coalition are both lost causes; hopelessly corrupt careerists.

Go Team Green.


Sorry, what with all the other political crap going on, I haven’t been paying attention to Oz. What plans do your politicians have for screwing up the English-speaking world down under?


Same as usual. A bipartisan consensus to destroy the world via coal mining and subject any refugees we catch to treatment that would be illegal in our prisons.


Just the English-speaking world?


Our CO2’s gonna fuck everyone.


Looking forward to a do-over of your presidential election?


“Looking forward” - not too much, I was happy with the first result. But then, at least we never have significant lines at our polling stations.

There already was a thread about this election, though, so I’ve put my real answer over there: Far-right candidate narrowly defeated in presidential election


Give 'em Hill.


In case you needed a reason to not vote Republican…

Republican platform: Sell off public lands in the West, log national forests

I guess it’ll be popular with the Bundys, though.