Generic 2016 US Election Cycle Recycling Bin


Indeed, and that’s what is so damn mortifying.


The US level of acceptance of fanaticism is truly frightening. No one should be so attached to a label, and the TEA Party took being a fan to a level maybe even a step beyond sports (maybe). Beck, Palin, Trump… they just stepped in and repeated the same brining noise the crowd made and charged them thousands for the privilege. I mean I got caught up in it in the 2000s, but the rabid obsessive cultish following that people can get is bizarre to me - whether it is reality TV stars playing politician, college sports fans defending sexual abuse of children (same for priests), or people betraying their beliefs on a candidate just to spite the other.


So was Cruz being honest or setting up 2020 expecting Trump to lose?


Both? But oh, boy; a lot booing


He has to know this hurts Trump. Not much, but the protesting of Trump at his first truly public display after clinching will have some impact. Not that Trump’s fans care since they literally just say everything is 4D chess no matter how stupid they sound.


:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

The Trump camp is spinning this as a good thing. They knew what Cruz was up to, but they figured it would solidify the party.


So much spinning!


Yeah, so much that I think that I need to throw up.


Timely article from the Texas Observer: How the GOP Is Gaslighting America.


I was a little surprised at the short list of examples in the article. The gaslighting goes far beyond who copied from whose term paper last week. We are daily being told crime is increasing, America is weak, global warming isn’t real, …

It must go back at least as far as Newt Gingrich, pioneer of the contemporary rhetorical tone of the GOP, which now characterizes its opponents not only as wrong but as “sick,” “pathetic,” “traitors,” etc. Gaslighting indeed.


Maybe Gun onwers are unamerican


Maybe he can run for Prez one day, and then you can complete the slide into oblivion by having Charles in Charge.



But then, she hasn’t really left? Didn’t Clinton just put her at the center of her campaign efforts?


Yeah, she made her an honorary chair of her campaign’s 50-state program (please ignore loud popping sound of my head exploding). This was where she belonged in Feb., rather than in the DNC, but not at all where she belongs now.


My question is this. When they are swearing in Führer…um I mean President Trump, will all of the people who said they wouldn’t vote for Hillary be shocked that he won and saying that their write in vote for Bernie should have counted or will they be saying “I should have voted for her just to stop him?”

Because based on what I am seeing in social media, this country will have 4 years of Trump and good bye USA.


honorary chair has no actual power.


I surprised anyone in Texas even notices the rest of the USA.


Apparently there’s a class-action brewing against the DNC for allegedly rigging the nomination: (haven’t heard of the news source before so I don’t know how accurate it is)