Germany's proposed anti-cryptography bill: backdoors and hack-backs


If you want to prevent a self-fulfilling prophecy, do not say that ever aloud. Out of 100 future voters for populist positions, you have described 10, and motivated 90. Those that get left behind for one of the other various reasons and who have to face this prejudice.


…who hasn’t lived in Australia since 1974 and is now an American citizen.

Murdoch was closely involved in the US-engineered overthrow of the Whitlam government, BTW.


True, but Australo-USian is clumsy. He grew up in Australia but it is said he acquired the enormous chips on his shoulder when he came to this country and was looked down on by people he thought were his social inferiors. Hence his dislike of the Royal Family.


Ten years ago, the odds that outright Nazis were to be elected to the Bundestag were approximately zero.

Seriously, I am not in favour of alarmism. But I have to face realit. One fact of reality is that predictions are quite difficult, especially concerning the future. (And I am trained in statistics. I even had a go with Reverend Bayes.)

Don’t ever exclude the possibility that fascisms might also rise in Germany, again.

Nie wieder! is a promise. Not a description of a certainty. We have to keep that in mind. And fight for it.


And how many percent xenophobic enough to think it amusing and appropriate to chant “Two World Wars and One World Cup” or shout “Don’t mention the war!”?

I wish I could share your assessment of the level of xenophobia in Britain but I just can’t. :frowning:

And nobody supports UKIP “for a laugh”.

People may have voted for them not really believing anything would actually come of it but they certainly knew perfectly well what they were voting for and intended to do it.


Well, sure, I don’t mean to say that the proper response to the last election is to get complacent. My reaction was to Cory’s post, which made it sound like Nazi control of Germany is just around the corner. While the re-emergence of fascism in Germany is certainly possible, I don’t think that the inevitable consequence of no coalition forming is Gauland in charge of everything.






Shit. In Germany too? I thought it was specific to the French ones.


I think it’s a requirement of all Green parties.

If they have more than say three members, there must be a violent difference of opinion between at least two of them on at least three issues at all times.


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