Get lost in one of 50 contemporary books over 500 pages long

Wait, wait, wait. How is The Likeness your favorite? All her other novels are, y’know, believable.

Unrelatedly, maybe I’m missing a criterion here, but there’s a whole lotta Stephen King that is longer than 500 pages and well worth your time. Duma Key is probably my favorite of his post-accident novels (and creeping up my top-5-all-time list) and lands at a modest 612 pages.

Unfortunately. The first 499 pages is just the word FUCK. double spaced out in Courier.

Actually…that was in Alan Sherman’s master work the “Rape of the APE”

American Puritan Ethics.

On a cosmic time scale, all books are contemporary. Practically written simultaneously.

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It’s long been a problem, that once an author gets big enough, editors become afraid to edit them. I’m not sure if it’s fear of the name (or the author themself) or fear of damaging the cash-cow.



Thanks for posting.

Here’s a starter for y’all… directly applicable to all of us on the interwebs:

It does not disappoint.

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Anyone who has spent any time at all reading Charles Dickens will recognize what Stephenson is doing. And btw, if you like reading Stephenson, you may like Dickens work.

Stephenson does read Dickens, as he mentioned in one of his book tour Q&A with the audience things on Youtube.

If you are looking for lean, news wire reportage-y prose, stripped of most detail, go read Ernest Hemingway.

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Getting paid by the word?

Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler


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