Goldman Sachs demands that Google "unsend" a fatfingered email to avoid "reputational damage"

No, there’s no such thing as a unilateral contract. The technical term for that would be extortion.


slow unclap


And if it’s automatically backed up by the end user would they want search warrant enacted for their premises and all online accounts?

aaaaand… Google complied.

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Reminds me of a story.

We were faxing documents back and forth with another company. Probably confidential. We’d fax them asking for information, they’d fax us back a response. This keep up for a couple weeks until we learned we had the wrong fax number. We’d been faxing stuff to some clown.

And by clown, I mean some guy in makeup and floppy shoes. Mr. Happy’s Fun Barn or something. Mr. Happy was a nice guy and had been kindly faxing the documents on to the correct recipients for weeks. He finally decided he’d done enough and politely asked us to use the correct number. Very nice about it.

Who knows what kind of confidential information passed though that clowns hands.


I know of an insurance agency that had been mistakenly receiving medical faxes for nearly a year before they bothered to call the hospital and let them know that one of their fax numbers was obviously incorrect.

Yes, the hospital screwed up – and dealt with it appropriately, when they found out – but wow, the insurance agency people were just stupid.


Geez, the horse was let out of the barn on June 23. It’s been seen by lots of eyes by now. I suppose the court-mandated “unsee” order comes next.

“Reputational damage” may well be the least of Goldman’s problems here. And, you know, they might have thought about that a while ago…say, sometime around 2007-2008.


Did it have Barbara Streisand’s account details?

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If only it mattered to Google they could send a lawyer in a nice three-piece gray pinstripe suit – you know, with the conservative thread-thin russet stripes – to argue the case in court. His argument would be “Are you totally fucking insane?”

Quick, get the judge before someone sees that email!

Or ‘clickwrap EULA’, which is OK if you are Respectable Businessman…

No, no, they should have simply asked the judge to declare the E-mail as “non-canon”.


Want your fax, Georgie? How about a balloon? It all floats down here.

Speaking of which, shouldn’t those be headers, not footers? What good is it to see after you’ve gone through the whole thing to get to the bottom?

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Google becomes ever more technically clueless. First the chromebook, now this.

I can’t tell you how many times people have called me up to demand exactly the same thing. I tell 'em the same damn thing every single damn time.

“Oh, Hello, Goldman-Sachs is it? Right, tell me the email address you sent to, and what you sent, and when… OK, I am checking the system… mmmm-hmmm, bear with me here, mmm-hmmm… too late! They already read it! It’s too late to take it back. Oh, and it looks like they printed a couple copies, too. Sorry about that, Mr. Goldman, er, Mr. Sachs, er. Wish I could have helped you! It’s too bad you waited so long to call, they didn’t read it until almost 20 seconds after you sent it, I could have stopped it if you’d been in time! Please call me any time you have any further problems and I’ll always be happy to help.”

During this entire conversation the rattle of keyboard that the caller hears is me typing bOINGbOING comments.

Idiots. This is like “Postmaster 101, standard everyday operations” for chrissakes.

I read that in Mr Praline’s voice

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Sorry, my first impulse was “F*ck Goldman Sachs”. I really need to work on this empathy thing.


Well of course; Google may be vast, but Goldman Sachs is king.

This bloated tick on the face of democracy has transcended mere rules, let alone any semblance of sanity, by becoming the biggest pack of fat corrupt fucks in the world. They can solve any problem by throwing money at it, because they’ve taken all the money.

…For a given value of ‘solve’: it’s about as valid as the current working concept of money itself.

We’ve come through the looking-glass; now we inhabit a place where any given crucial pillar of society is apt to be bulldozed aside, perhaps because it slightly obscures some oligarch’s beachfront view, and a horde of ghouls out of They Live are paid to tell you what a good thing it is.

That’s not rain, it’s piss… trickling down. Thanks, Ron and Maggie. We owe you.

Here’s a thought - I’m halfway through Picketty’s Capital, and although he covers the movement of money from quite a few angles and apparently seeks to be rather comprehensive about it, so far he hasn’t breathed a whisper about fractional reserve banking.

I can’t help wondering why; is it because I’m not as good at apprehending reality as I thought I was, and what looks like an epic swindle, probably the biggest ever, is somehow perfectly legitimate and I’ve been taken in by kooks?

Or is it because the scum have done such a comprehensive job with their psy-ops that they’ve managed to have the majority lump this conspiracy fact in with all those silly conspiracy theories, and Picketty wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole for fear of being labelled a crank from the outset?

It’s hard to empathize with that asterisk placement!