Goodreads must be destroyed

In the Olden Times (c.1980-2000), I went on many sites because my Internet friends were on it and recommended it. Goodreads was one of those “recommended”. (I don’t remember when I did this, sometime pre-illness so before 2010ish anyway.) I decided it wasn’t for me, and never even signed up.

I don’t keep track of the books I read, and aren’t good with book reviews, because they either feel like school book reports or take too much work to craft to avoid spoilers. And that’s why I don’t like Goodreads - too many of the reviews are spoilers.
When I search a title that I’ve gotten a recommendation for, I just want an idea if this is going to be a book I’ll enjoy. On Goodreads, usually the first or linked review gives away the entire book, so I don’t even want to read it. I’ve learned the hard way not to click on any goodreads results.

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