Happy Public Domain Day: here's what American's don't get this year, thanks to retroactive copyright term extension


How else are you supposed to incentivize creators posthumously?

If you look at the statistics, there is a huge drop off in new works after a creator dies…


I understand that it all makes sense when you understand that all the really important creative artists were also time travelers. It’s only retroactive from certain points of view…

Well, it’s not unlimited, because at some point, you know, the universe will end. So there’s that.


Be fair, Cory! Harper Lee’s lawyer needs those royalties!


I’m kind of surprised to see a grocer’s apostrophe in the title.


Absolutely. I’m still waiting for Disney’s The Goose and the Gander. I imagine I’ll be waiting a while…


Disney may not push for an extension this time. Since the passage of the Bono copyright extension, the courts have given trademarks more teeth. Protecting Mickey using copyright law is no longer necessary.

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