Has Cory Doctorow left BoingBoing?

I noticed Cory hasn’t posted in a while, so I went to the about us page and saw his name is no longer on it, even as a contributor. Is he no longer affiliated with BoingBoing?


Last post was Feb 4th:

His Craphound profile was updated on Jan 29, 2020 and no longer includes any mention of BoingBoing, even as part of his past.


If he’s really gone, he’ll be missed.


boingboings list of editors was also updated on the 29th to no longer include his name. If i had to guess I would say it has something to do with xenis tweets from the same time period calling edward snowden glenn greenwald and others criminals, but I can see why in order to avoid causing a ruckus, they’ve decided to be relatively quiet about it.




Huh. Weird. That’s a shame.


Maybe he violated a forum rule and got banned until 2030.

Jokes aside, he is pretty much the reason I started reading BB. What a shame. Now I have to go read Xeni’s tweets.


Wow, these threads read as surreal as if Stewart called out Obama for being an Insurance Industry stooge. This is a rabit hole that is probably going to cost me the entire day’s worth of productivity…


@xeni is a treasure.

In future history greenwald will only be remembered as the guy who threw Reality Winner under a bus.

That said, I will miss @doctorow


I think history will be more nuanced, much like Ralph Nader once was famed for being a consumer advocate and quipping “unsafe at any speed”, but now is more notorious for being the gadfly who was unapologetic for helping get George W. Bush elected.

Julian Assange is already a sinking star. History will dismiss him as an agent of the very authoritarians he claimed to oppose.

I personally found Corey quite thoughtful, but he is now heading into Richard Stallman territory, his worldview calcifying. Kind of a shame, as his treatise on the history and possible future of copyright was what got me thinking about the whole issue.


He’s still working on it, and I remain a donor to the EFF even though I don’t agree with everything they do. I hope he or someone else returns here every so often to let us know what is happening in that world.

now is more notorious for being the gadfly who was unapologetic for helping get George W. Bush elected.

Some of my car buff friends still won’t forgive him for the death of the Corvair, which turns out not to have been less safe than any other car and was ahead of its time in many other respects.


Every hero is someone else’s enemy.


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In any event, @doctorow agrees with some aspects of the Russia-Trump hypothesis, if his withdrawal from the site reflects a Xeni-Cory split it is likely over Greenwald.

(See also following post, being held for moderation.)

Seems like it could be over anything, including BB’s heavy-handed main site ads and extensive advertorials. Or Cory’s factually innacurate, polemicist headlines contradicted by the content of his own posts. Or something completely hidden that we know nothing about.

Regardless, I’m pretty surprised Cory scrubbed all mention of BoingBoing from his bio. That seems to suggest a pretty strong disagreement. And for all my disagreement with Cory’s headlines, his posts on copyright and other EFF-type topics over the years have probably influenced me more than any other BoingBoing author, so the split is very notable to me.


(I also wanted to link to the following, but it will likely be held for moderation because of the title.)

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My bet is on Greenwald and or the fact that the advertorial deal struck with StackCommerce has turned BB into a den of perverse, Machiavellian marketing:


Who We Are:

Our mission is to enable people to organically discover products and brands they love on the publications and media they engage with every day. Our native commerce solutions build new, incremental revenue streams for publishers, and empower our brand partners to reach relevant audiences.

“Native Commerce” is the sweetest form of doublespeak I have heard in a while.


Yep, and yep.


Man, first got on to BB at age 14 after reading through all of Cory’s books. Feels like the end of an era, remembering all the interesting, wonderful, and important topics I would never have heard of without his contributions and active engagement with the community. I’ll miss seeing his content here, even those horrendously photoshopped graphics.


The place is diminished without him, and whatever someone did to drive him off, they should undo it and apologize.


So rhe site will be looking for a replacement?

I did wonder where he’d gone and considered creating a thread but didn’t want to create a fuss but it’s a real shame he’s gone. I assumed it might have had something to do with the cesspool of pseudo-scientific bullshit products being hawked so a falling out over politics is pretty rough (if that’s the case). I, like others here, felt like i learnt so much from his posts and what he was bringing to light and it’s what kept me coming back over the years.

ETA: Although he is still showing in the bbs about page as well as the bbs pages for moderators and editors.