Has Cory Doctorow left BoingBoing?

Sometimes events conspire. Sometimes it’s just time to move on. Sometimes events provide an excuse to move on. We can hope there’s no hard feelings involved, but we’ll probably never know the whole story.

Cory seems to have a lot of irons in the fire, and seemingly several revenue streams. Didn’t he move to Burbank a few years ago specifically to work on something big that has to do with Disney? (please forgive me if my memory is mistaken.)

Anyway, if he has the wherewithal at this point in his life to move on from BoingBoing (i.e., if he doesn’t need whatever money his BB posts were bringing him) and is able to do whatever else interests him, then more power to him, and I wish him the best in all of his endeavors.


(which also shows Falcor as Moderator, so…maybe not trustworthily up-to-date…)


Ahh yeah that’s true, didn’t notice them on there.


I am under the impression that BB is not exactly a machine that prints money. Just giving everyone here the benefits of doubts is in order, especially when talking about one of ye olden authors leavin’.


The lack of any sort of farewell doesn’t sit well. Something went down.


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I’m also wondering if it has anything to do with the MASSIVE uptick in advertorial content. Or vice versa.


While I enjoy all the editors, Cory has been the heart and soul of this site for me, a reader for over a decade. I don’t plan to regularly follow BB going forward.


Honestly the heart and soul have been, without a doubt, a person whose handle I thought was onewolf until like three weeks ago.

orenwolf is the heart and soul of the discussion along with some other vibrant commenters with the status to set the heart-rate and activity schedule of this joint.

that said i am not a fan of damnatio memoriae no matter which side is doing the damnatio-ing. and i hope that at some point red rover lets Cory Doctorow come over.

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That’s a good way to look at it. Whatever the reason for his departure, it was great while he was here. I also feel like I learned a lot from him, and I’m looking forward to his upcoming books and podcasts. I know he’s got a few books in the works, including a children’s book launch in a few months.


Was it really GG who screwed up and sent the marked scanns to the NSA? Or do you mean it’s his news site so, the buck stops with him?

I don’t know. The Intercept did an internal investigation, but their report was of the “mistakes were made” variety:

The ongoing criminal case prevents us from going into detail, but I can state that, at several points in the editorial process, our practices fell short of the standards to which we hold ourselves for minimizing the risks of source exposure when handling anonymously provided materials.

At the time Frum and Jonathan Chait both reported that the reason Winner leaked the documents in the first place was to rebut a Greenwald insistence that the Russians had no involvement in the email hacks, essentially blaming Greenwald for every aspect of the mess. I assume that’s the basis for the nastiness between Greenwald and Frum, which is at the heart of @xeni’s twitter thread above.

Here’s a blog post with a full discussion/timeline. Note: some of the people in this post suggest that Greenwald intentionally burned Winner. I don’t believe that, more likely The Intercept was just being careless out of lack of concern for her.


I must say, I’ts pretty fucking daming considering the fact that id dots in printers have been know for a very long time and The Intercept was founded shortly after GG just having gone through the Snowden releases and all the OpSec that they entailed. I must admit it is at best, like a highly experienced hunter shooting their own foot. I guess Xeni landed on the other side of that scale.

From Cory’s wiki-page: “… previously served as co-editor of the blog Boing Boing.”


Maybe he got hit by the comet that otherwise didn’t come close to the earth.

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Ugh. I was only referring to the “uncompromising to the point of hurting the cause they champion” aspect. I don’t want to suggest that Cory shares other aspects of Professor Stallman. For example, there aren’t any stories of him being a nightmare of a houseguest like Professor Stallmann. At least I haven’t heard them. Um.


I found this place because I wanted to know why an xkcd character was called Cory Doctorow.


I strongly second that, and the prior similar sentiments. Personally I take some consolation in the fact that Cory’s posts were frequently quite LONG and always substantial, packed with links and references to great resources and written in a style that I for one found agreeable and amusing (e.g. the metaphors!), even when the subject matter was infuriating, as it so often was given his crusading nature. So he’s left us a significant boingy of work.

Happy trails @doctorow :slight_smile:


Crap, Cory is the reason I came here. Nice knowing y’all.

MASSIVE uptick in advertorial content

Do people still view ads? Advertising = Pollution.


I was about to create a new topic to break off the discussion about Native Advertising from this thread about the missing founder but it turns out I am too newbie to start my own threads yet. Could one of the power users split this comment off to a thread titled. Native Advertising. Please and thank you. I don’t want to derail this one as ot is way too important.