Has Cory Doctorow left BoingBoing?

From Cory’s wiki-page: “… previously served as co-editor of the blog Boing Boing.”


Maybe he got hit by the comet that otherwise didn’t come close to the earth.

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Ugh. I was only referring to the “uncompromising to the point of hurting the cause they champion” aspect. I don’t want to suggest that Cory shares other aspects of Professor Stallman. For example, there aren’t any stories of him being a nightmare of a houseguest like Professor Stallmann. At least I haven’t heard them. Um.


I found this place because I wanted to know why an xkcd character was called Cory Doctorow.


I strongly second that, and the prior similar sentiments. Personally I take some consolation in the fact that Cory’s posts were frequently quite LONG and always substantial, packed with links and references to great resources and written in a style that I for one found agreeable and amusing (e.g. the metaphors!), even when the subject matter was infuriating, as it so often was given his crusading nature. So he’s left us a significant boingy of work.

Happy trails @doctorow :slight_smile:


Crap, Cory is the reason I came here. Nice knowing y’all.

MASSIVE uptick in advertorial content

Do people still view ads? Advertising = Pollution.


I was about to create a new topic to break off the discussion about Native Advertising from this thread about the missing founder but it turns out I am too newbie to start my own threads yet. Could one of the power users split this comment off to a thread titled. Native Advertising. Please and thank you. I don’t want to derail this one as ot is way too important.

Have you checked for other discussions on the same topic already? (Maybe you have.) The topic does come up repeatedly.

This one is closed now, but it was very recent (started Dec 26, closed 5 days ago). If you haven’t happened to read it already, you might want to read through it before starting a new topic, lest we all wind up just rehashing what we’ve just been through… It’s just a suggestion—I don’t know what’s actually on your mind about it :slight_smile:


I haven’t either, but I’ve repeatedly been put in danger because I wasn’t “elite” enough to be clued in, or people said vague things.

(Saying someone is an “asshole” is not a warning. Huge chunks of a place like Defcon are assholes, but most of those assholes will just explain my own research to me, not try to drug and/or rape me)

My fear is that actual progressive, anti-capitalist content will now vanish entirely, reducing BB to little more than buzzfeed reposts and mainstream current events commentary.

I will wait and see, I guess, but it certainly seems like an event one could someday look back on and say, “Here. This is when Boing Boing finally jumped the shark.”


There’s so little ballooning content on the internet. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.


But we don’t know why he left? I don’t want to go down a road that might not even exist :slightly_smiling_face:

Also @beschizza is not exactly a neoliberal, along w several other staff (to put it mildly)

I don’t like advertisements but tried to not push hard because I know it’s hard to run a sustainable online property

I’ve said this before but it BB set up a patreon id sign up.

But I am not worried about bb becoming huff po because a single person left


We’re all intensely speculating about what the hell happened but what you learn about this place over the years is that they very rarely reveal what goes on behind the curtain. Which is fair enough, we don’t pay the bills so don’t have a right to know but then you gotta accept the speculating and rumours if nobody is forthcoming.

To me this place feels so integral to cory doctorow since he’s been a part of it for, what, 20 years almost? Plus the fact it’s always mentioned in pretty much every interview he does so it does feel like there’s been a fundamental change here and not really for the better in my opinion. Maybe, hopefully, he’ll have a chance to come back some day. Never say never and all that but the best of luck to him if he doesn’t and i’ll still be buying his books.


It’s true. Lately, the front page of BoingBoing has seemed a lot like a regurgitation of yesterday’s r/popular/.


I suggest you peruse other threads in #meta. These things have been brought up repeatedly.

The bottom line is TPTB are going in a particular direction with monetizing BB content, and you can like it or lump it.


By any measure the heyday of BB was a long time ago


Maybe he figured 20 was enough:



One of the first people to discover the blog was Cory Doctorow, and he would send me lots of ideas of things to write about. After a few months I asked Cory if he would like to have an account on Boing Boing and post directly. He agreed, and I was surprised to see him post seven or eight or more items every day. This was an order of magnitude more than I had been posting. I typically posted two or three items a week! As a result of Cory’s prolific posting, the traffic shot through the roof.


i find bb very useful as someone who is intentionally cutting down on mindless browsing. i’m ok if redditing for 5 hours during breaks would have found me the same stuff. i’m more looking for the best of the wonderful things. or a reasonable approximation here.

this is also the first place i’ve felt comfortable really… trusting the community. being less worried about being doxed or harassed allows you to be more authentic. i think i’ve grown as a person, in part reading it. even little things - i got into star trek to understand references in the comments. not because ppl shamed me for not knowing they just seemed to really like it, and have good taste.

anyways i think it gets good traffic and serves it’s purpose, i’m not convinced being “powerful” is something one should strive for when making art.


This topic has moved away from the original topic to general crapping on Boing Boing, which isn’t gonna happen here. Sorry.