🍅 Hate the Chef, love the Condiments 🌭


I just leave this here:

Oh, we don’t eat hot dogs. That’s a bit bummer on the topic. :wink:


Kings Hawaiian hot dog buns. They are cut on the top so you can put the dog in, top it with your preferred condiments and enjoy. The buns have a sweet taste that go well with the dogs.


They make truly divine hamburger buns as well.

All y’all come out to Burbank. Directly across the street from the WB lot is The Dog Haus, where you can get all manner of excellent burgers, dogs, hot links, brats, schnitzels, etc. Plus tater tots and milkshakes! And they use King’s Hawaiian buns.

Go salivate over their menu: http://www.doghaus.com

“The Absolute Wurst.”



Deep in thought, “Its a 4 hour drive, but… just look at it”

Edit: needs ketchup


Look at them, just look. What do you think they want to be in there second life?


On my way!!!

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Call me crazy¹, but it’s gotta be ketchup, chili, or nothing.

I know that aficionados say that ketchup masks flavor while mustard enhances it, but I find the opposite is true. Mustard is overpowering to my taste buds and I’ve never cared for it anywhere, on anything, whereas ketchup can enhance the taste of some otherwise boring or peculiar-tasting meat which, quite frankly (no pun intended ahhhh, who am I kidding) describes most hotdog brands that I’ve ever tried.

¹ Try it, it’s fun! All of my friends are doing it!

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I eat hot dogs three ways.

  1. “Rooster” Surprise Dog — (what I call it depends on who I’m mentioning it to :crying_cat_face:) Sriracha line the bun, put the hot dog in, ketchup, and brown mustard
  2. Chili Dog — dot the bun with a hot sauce (habanero and chipotle) made by an acquaintance of mine, put in the dog, cover with chili (bean and meat), cover with cheddar
  3. Frank & Bean Soup — terrible, just terrible. Only love it because I grew up with it. I have basically no idea how to make it unless the instructions are “Open can of Bush’s Compatible Baked Beans, dump into pot, slice up hot dogs into pot, heat until it looks like you did it on purpose.”

Hm. We could have a steak-umms challenge or something. I’ve never had them (but plenty of other things people frown on :laughing: ).

I double down on remonstration by eating hot dogs (with bun) on any day except Friday.

I went to their place in Pasadena second to last time I was in the LA area. I tried Congregation Ale House last time I was in Pasadena. I recommend both to anyone spending time in Pasadena but if I can only go to one of the two on my next trip, it’ll be Congregation. :laughing:


Why do you hate the Roman Empire so much?


That’s called “New England style” around here (New England).


Myself, I’m starting to wonder what an 18th century ketchup would be like on a hot dog…


For authenticity’s sake wouldn’t you also need an 18th century hot dog?

This thread prompted me to have a hot dog for lunch but another one made me wish I’d stopped at this place.


These were the instructions for a disturbingly high percentage of my childhood meals.



Today, you win all the Internets for that title change.


Baked beans and ketchup

You don’t know how to live you small minded dog dabblers.


I haven’t followed the thread, but what is relish anyway?

It sounds like… well, some people put cheese, mayonnaise, garum, vanilla ice cream, etc. on what might once have been perfectly good food…

P.S. I think most contemporary ketchup is made from tomatoes, rather than rotten fish, formaldahyde, and coal-tar byproducts.


This stuff at least in reference to hot dogs.

Chicago dogs use a special neon green version.


I don’t trust anything labelled “sweet.”



I had a hot dog in a New England style bun, with remoulade on the bun and sauerkraut on top. Grilled onions, zukes and summer squash, and cream-cheese stuffed bacon-wrapped jalapenos.


Polished off with a local Thimble Island “Mutually Assured Destruction” Russian Imperial Stout.

Saved a dog for tomorrow which I will top with cream cheese to see how that holds up.

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