🍅 Hate the Chef, love the Condiments 🌭


Baked beans and ketchup

You don’t know how to live you small minded dog dabblers.


I haven’t followed the thread, but what is relish anyway?

It sounds like… well, some people put cheese, mayonnaise, garum, vanilla ice cream, etc. on what might once have been perfectly good food…

P.S. I think most contemporary ketchup is made from tomatoes, rather than rotten fish, formaldahyde, and coal-tar byproducts.


This stuff at least in reference to hot dogs.

Chicago dogs use a special neon green version.


I don’t trust anything labelled “sweet.”



I had a hot dog in a New England style bun, with remoulade on the bun and sauerkraut on top. Grilled onions, zukes and summer squash, and cream-cheese stuffed bacon-wrapped jalapenos.


Polished off with a local Thimble Island “Mutually Assured Destruction” Russian Imperial Stout.

Saved a dog for tomorrow which I will top with cream cheese to see how that holds up.

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

When I saw the unfamiliar thread title with unread posts I was all :thinking:

And then when I clicked on it and realized what thread it was I was all :laughing:


My new great way to enjoy a hot dog (invented out of necessity after running out of bread): put hot dog on tortilla, cover with cheese, nuke, throw a few dashes of tabasco on there, roll up, and enjoy.


Who cares in america it’s joke mustard anyway.


Everything in that sentence is a capital offence and an insult to that dead cows ass.


Finely diced sweet pickles, moistened with sweetened vinegar and some additional spices (per the Heinz label anyway.)


Are those the same as polos?


Similar. The companies have had trademark disputes over the shape.

There is real mustard in the US. Whether it should be used on hotdogs is open to debate.

No argument there.


Hot dog, wasabi, rice, nori…

Yep. It’s a thing. :thumbsup:


What’s with all this insisting that others have to have weird stuff on their hot dog?

Just ketchup for me, thanks.

You can violate the integrity of YOUR food all you want with such confusing overtextured weirdness, I’ve got my own path and it’s far more right for me.



That was the first time I had seen something like that. I was raised in a primitive part of the world though It was called Utah and the outside world was not welcomed there.


You said that and my mind went to spam musubi.

It is not as bad as it may sound. I prefer it maki style. The nori to spam ratio works better for me.


Yellow mustard literally makes me sick.

I do like mustard that seems to be mostly composed of seeds with a wee bit of horsey sauce added in.


According to Wikipedia, it looks like that would just be a frankfurter (though it’d probably be tough to find an authentic recipe). But, I’m always willing to brazenly ignore historical accuracy in favor of flavor. :slight_smile:


I’m perfectly fine with just ketchup as long as I have some hot sauce that I can mix in to cancel out the sweetness…

My typical hotdog would be onions and ketchup (with hot sauce) or brown seedy mustard and onions. Sweet relish is gross, but I’ve had some tangy/spicy relish that wasn’t bad.