How the language of special education denigrates kids with disabilities

I think a big part of the problem is that we often treat children as the precious possessions of their parents as opposed to think of them as humans who have their own needs.


I feel like you’ve misread this. They didn’t think severe disabilities meant a person was less than human, the system required them to dehumanize their child in order for the system to agree the disabilities are severe. If I have to dehumanize my child to get them the “severe” assessment (and the support that comes with it) that doesn’t mean I dehumanize people with severe disabilities, it means that the system does.

I think we could all think about the labour that does into supporting us and our lifestyles. But if we are going to implement a program of enforced gratitude for the labour of others I think we’d be better targeting members of legislative bodies instead of parents of children with disabilities. Parents of kids with severe disabilities often already have a lot on their plates.


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