I saw a cop wearing a Blue Lives Matter wristband. Should I be offended?


That’s just a bullshit excuse on the part of people in willful denial, sorry.

Black Lives Matters only exists because of the current status quo, where our society acts as if Black lives are completely expendable.

If ‘all lives’ truly mattered, there would be no need to have an entire movement reminding society of that fact.

In hindsight, had the organizers included the word “Too” there would be less false equivalencies and attempts to marginalize the message, but some would still exist because the truth is ugly, and painful, and some people just don’t want to face it, ever.


Seems like a good place to link to this:


Well, right, it does seem kind of redundant at some level.

There’s a policeman wearing a Blue Lives Matter wristband. What additional information does this give me that I did not already have? That cops support other cops… pretty much unconditionally even when they shouldn’t?

I mean you can’t even say that about the average (race) person – what are the odds that person will vote in lockstep with all other people of that race, or believe the same things, or have the same values, etc.


That there is an even higher than usual likelihood of that cop being a dangerous fascist.


I’m wondering what the dialog tree would look like if I had asked the cop about this wristband. I did think about it, but even as a white person, I deemed it too risky a dialog tree to engage in at all…

White I may be, but I ain’t never gonna antagonize a cop for no reason. That’s just stupid.


This also seems relevant:


That is a fucking terrifying flag.


Yeah. You’ll want to pick the [charm] options and leave the [intimidate] dialogues until you’ve maxed out your two-handed and heavy armor skills.


But he’s already maxed out [whiteness]. Isn’t that enough?

Wait, what do you mean ‘They won’t stop at minorities?’


More like a street gang with a fantastic pension plan, most places.


In most street gangs, the pension typically amounts to pouring one out for your homeboys upstate.


Two in my neighborhood.

In these moments I am glad to be Irish, not for the skin tone, but for the blessings:

May those who love us love us.
And those that don’t love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles,
So we’ll know them by their limping.


I don’t know about ‘offensive’; but it certainly strikes me as being yet another part of the self-serving and blatantly dishonest exaggeration of the risks involved in policing.

It isn’t the safest of jobs; but it doesn’t even break the top ten(plus, a substantial percentage of the deaths that do occur are related to the fact that it’s a job that involves a fair amount of driving; not to homicidal criminal scum that Our Troops are protecting us against or whatnot).

As with most good misdirection, it isn’t false; but that mostly just makes it harder to bat away before it becomes misleading. Periodically, cops do get shot by criminals under circumstances so lopsided you’d assume that they were cribbed from a morality play. Just not very often. This is…not exactly…what you would be led to believe by the pomp and pageantry surrounding the issue.

The claim is true in the sense that (hopefully) the person wearing the wristband doesn’t deserve to have his next traffic stop end with a bullet to the face; but it’s painfully dishonest by implication; both in terms of exaggerating the tepid lethality of the occupation; and in deliberately appropriating someone else’s rather better justified concerns to do so.


The huge difference is those people aren’t employed by elected officials susceptible to campaigns against them by “cops who risk their lives for the public” if they don’t play ball and give the cops whatever they want in contract negotiations. It’s all about optics and economic leverage. My city requires absurdly expensive off duty cops to be at any construction site impinging the roadway, basically doing what a flagger does for a fraction the price. There are 2 full time cops who do nothing but coordinate this moonlighting. Why? Because.

So no, you shouldn’t be offended by a self righteous cop any more than at a dog licking it’s balls. It’s what they do.


Um, what?

I don’t see how your argument follows. Could you help me understand your thinking?

I’m pretty sure, “don’t be offended because cops are offensive dickweeds” isn’t what you meant, but I can’t seem to find other interpretations.

As far as I can tell, you’re saying that cops always work with unethical conflicts of interest that would fire or imprison anyone who wasn’t in a uniform with a badge. And it seems you’re saying that it’s fine.


you mean, if the politicians ‘take a knee’ the police will rely on their popularity with the people to dislodge those politicians?

That’s a great description of the 1960s-2000s, and that’s not what’s happening anymore.

About half of the US is totally fine with the knee, and more become okay with it everytime lord cheeto opens his tweethole about it.


Sorry, I guess I should have have used an ironic emoji for those with impaired irony detectors.

Maybe some places, but in the NYC area cops are extremely well paid and bennied, and there’s no sign of change. They are very public in their hatred of any mayor that takes them on. A NYPD cop makes more than a teacher with a PhD. After five and a half years, they are compensated with $90,829 before OT.

Found this:
Newly hired NYPD officers can expect to receive nearly $2.2 million in pension payments and City paid health benefits over 32 years of retirement, based on the current average salary including overtime pay and other compensation; the average age of 26 for newly hired Police Officers; retirement at age 48 after 22 years of service, and assuming the average life expectancy of 80 years. Persons retiring above the rank of Police Officer will earn higher retirement payments based on their respective ranks.


Sure, but the % of voters flocking to support that with jingoistic glee is rapidly falling, which is new.

The politicians who counted on that high %… they don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

What you describe as the state of affairs is as it is, it isn’t SOLVED, but the automatic reflexive mass support for it that you describe has in fact changed in the last 3 years. Just watch an NFL game.


Nothing “official” about it. The opening summary has NPOV problems compared to the rest of the article as well.

Thats an assumption not really based on anything factual since you did not talk to this particular officer.

Having a conversation does not have to be antagonizing. Personally I’d have asked. Just simply asked without being a jerk or being confrontational about it.

Personally I try not to seek out being offended and save that for when its genuinely required.


When is that?