If You See Something, Post Something!


A thread to post cool, intersting, funny, surprising, upsetting, etc… stuff you see in the real world.


I’ll start. In the Botanic gardens today, looks like Cobra Commander left a note for his friend…


I couldn’t find the specific one I was looking for and went down the rabbit hole instead…

Am I disqualified because none of these were taken today? (They were surprises when I found 'em)


Another one I’ve been meaning to post. some pretty choice anti-gentrification graffiti-satire riffing on the (actually pretty clever) streeteasy venn Diagram ad campaign.

the two venn circles are “Not too many Blacks” and “Within Daddy’s budget”


That could be anywhere, but is that DC?


So many things… I’ll try to ration myself.

I’ve been trying to work out what authorized trespassing would look like for a while now. They put one of these at both the North and South entrances to the park, so I guess they’re serious about it.


Can’t remember exactly what I was doing or where when I took this… Obviously it was Nov. '16


Brooklyn, NYC, 7th ave stop (prime expansion zone of Park Slope)

IMHOPO* If you saw it IRL, it’s fair game

(My Humble Original Post Opinion…)


Ah! Well then…



“That’s what she said!”



Intesresting. Today is the International Photography Day.


Seen in NYC and man do I feel that.


Clown on a motorcycle, five days before Halloween last year:

May be interpreted as either funny or upsetting, and my apologies in advance to those for whom the latter applies.
Still, a cool action shot that surprised me, having been taken with my cell phone!







You can’t fool me. That’s a key sharpener!


Or a toaster!


That would be some sub-melba scale toast. I’d actually like to see that.

What is this, toast for ants? etc, etc…