If You See Something, Post Something!


Frost on my window this morning. And a reflection of my MacBook! (only camera I have…)



Stupid app developers too lazy to change their “Presidential alert” string.

Not enough room for “Emperor Doug Ford alert”?


I work with a bunch of serious people; we design big, serious machines and invent terribly serious, terribly important new technologies.

The new guy seems to be listening to a different soundtrack…


You may want to keep an eye on him…



There’s nothing like doing your holiday shopping wearing stiletto heels.


Maybe I exaggerated a smidge. The new guy reminds me a lot of myself as I was 20 years ago, before the world sucked out my youthful optimism and joie de vivre.

In this 2010 self portrait you can just see the existential despair dawning in my eye as I contemplate the vast, Stygian expanse of my future:


We can also see your nipples.


Alright, I’ve blurred this out because photos of stray hairs in a shower might not be…everyone’s cup of tea… but posting anyway 'cuz I like seeing images emerge from random placement and am super curious if anyone would see the same image I do… I call this one “Lovers Embrace”


So, yesterday we stopped en route at a McDonald’s for a quick cup of coffee, and this was the view from their windows:


It’s okay ‘cause they’re male-presenting and painted on with poster paint, but I’ll spoiler blur the image just in case any small children or cyclops fetishists browse by.



Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t complaining. Just pointing out one more thing we could see :wink: I’m helpful like that.


A log reindeer with a plastic bag over its head. Huffing solvents, or suicide attempt? Sad.



Huffing Christmas spirit(s).


A few years back I took a shortcut home through a Catholic primary school and came across this rather earth centric view of the solar system.



Well, at least they’ve got Pluto as a planet, right?

[runs and hides]


I would to thank Stop n’ Shop for this little bit of inadvertent surrealism as I exited their store, a bag of day-old scones in hand. (The sun was shining through a two-sided promotional ad for the store.)


I think that is actually the spaceman from the Ultimate Breaks and Beats LP.

Oh, wait, no mohawk haircut on the helmet. Close though.