If You See Something, Post Something!


Nice trifecta when I opened the BBS this morning:



It certainly made me twitch!
However I can forgive it…

It was a school in a predominantly poor Pacifica community who have been rather alienated and failed by our New Zealand education system. And based on the other painted games on the courtyard I would say this was parents mucking in and brightening up their local school. Those parents themselves would have had even less access to education (and none that respected their culture and language).


I woke up to this sunrise yesterday.
Since moved out of the burbs to this location I’ve actually turned into a morning person!


Nice, I see the resemblance. A quote from the shirt designer on Threadless: “Friendly spacemen agree life can get too serious in space sometimes with maintaining the rocket ship and other chores. That’s when he plays some beats and remembers to dance and have fun!” Maybe the artist was inspired by your UBB spaceman!



I remember the first time I saw basil seed drink more than 20 years ago and was pretty repulsed (I eventually had some, kinda sweet, not very “basil-y”), since then I’ve spent a lot of time in the local Asian markets so you’d think I’d be used to the weird foods (“peanut milk soup?”) but it seems there is always one more food oddity just around the corner.

I have yet to google (or just ask them) what this means, but for now I’m still enjoying the mystery.

[ETA: I finally looked into it-- the “cheese” is a sweet liquid cream cheese thing, which actually sounds pretty tasty.]



Jeebus, my eyes! The spoiler tags are made for that. :wink:






That link rabbit-holed me to…

I would so play the hell out of this!



In the top photo, what are the grid-like lines at the bottom? A fence?


Looks like part of the roofs to me.




Not sure if name or instruction :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Somewhere there’s a craftsperson crying “You haven’t left enough space for the motto! How am I supposed to get the last word in”.

Answer of course: I’ve met your wife, what makes you think you could get the last word in now?

I’m here until Sunday, try the veal…




I didn’t take a picture, but at Home Depot:

A plumber’s helper with a poop emoji, for those people who need a running start at life.