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Near as I can figure, a large sonar module. But your guess is as good as mine.

The company that owns the land specializes in underwater engineering. Bridges, piers, whatever.


Sometimes punctuation will help you get your point across and other times no amount of grammar is going to be enough.

  • “No dog cameras!” (We have a total prohibition on dog cameras in this dumpster.)
  • No dog, cameras." (Two like-minded individuals, possibly stoned, discussing a business opportunity. Kind of like saying “One word: plastics.”
  • “No dog. Cameras.” (A warning I guess? “We’ll take your picture if you use our dumpster, but you won’t be bitten by a dog.”)

The message sort of reminds me of the phrase “No wife, no horse, no mustache” from Robert Anton Wilson’s Schrodinger’s Cat

See also : Making something out of nothing.


You like that, you’ll love this…


Somewhere between “No dogs” and “All dogs,” is our problem.

I wonder how the owners of that dumpster feel about lead sheep? Can you dispose of lead in unregulated waste? What about sheep?


How many lead sheep does a dog do to be “on” them; just one hit?
Is that field safe?
SO many questions.


I hear it’s an epidemic in Wales, border collies getting hooked as puppies and growing up so dependent they won’t go off lead at all.


“Don’t dead, open inside” ?


I would have assumed they were worried about running out of paint and decided to economise by reusing the ‘s’ for the end of both lines.

So they want to ban cameras that belong to a (just one specific - but unnamed) dog.

No dog’s cameras.

Some animals just won’t get the message about recycling. E-waste does not belong in the normal waste bin, folks.


Possibly because we have yet to teach them to read.


What? Buggers can’t read?

They can fence with swords and ride horses and everything. I saw it on TV.




Anarchy at the KFC?



Someone rode in style to the Y today…


Cleaning out the pantry, found this tucked behind the duck sauce.



Prospect Park Stick Report:

Anyone know WTF the growth on this stick it? It’s jiggly and translucent like amber turkish delight, but textured like it was formed in a prune mold.

Also, this stick, included because it’s just a Great Stick. perfect length for walking or using as a sword with my 4yo in our casual LARPing in the park. its got a knot just above the balance point, and has a great natural hilt. I stash it behind a fence when we come home and pick it up again, and it’s been there for a month now.

Finally, just a sweet little ecosystem on this one.

apologies if this doesn’t seem post-worthy, but being from Maine, I still find good sticks annoyingly hard to find in this concrete jungle.



Anything used to make a noise on a corrugated iron wall or
clinker-built fence by dragging it along the surface while walking past it.
‘Mr Bennett thoughtfully selected a stout ibstock and left the house.’ -
Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, II.

– Douglas Adams, John Lloyd - The Meaning of Liff


Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln who said, “Walk softly and carry a good LARPing stick”?


Which nation would that be?

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Seen at either Michael’s or Hobby Lobby (yeah, I know, but I wasn’t the one picking the stores on that trip).

And I have a host of new images from the local “Antique Mall”, of which this is just a taste:

ETA I forgot to say, this $175 “Vintage 1900’s Very Old Doll Please Do Not Touch” was sitting out in the open, in the booth, on top of a bunch of other stuff. That wasn’t very well planned.

I was tempted to take an arm flake, but then realized that’s how you get curses.

Sitting next to it was a $250 marionette that you will not believe. To get really good pics of that, I had to touch it contrary to the written wishes on the tag.

You’ll see (he said in a way that was almost a threat).