If You See Something, Post Something!


Ah! Here 'tis

A day when I was undercaffeinated:


I know solar eclipse pictures are dime-a-dozen, but I think it’s appropriate today, and at this moment, exactly one year after an eclipse cut a path through the continental US

Sunlight filtered through tree about 5 minutes after the eclipsed happened (very near the locale of greatest duration)


I wasn’t in the path of totality either but that didn’t stop me from taking some shots.

I shot bracketed exposures and fused them together, most of them were not great but this one came out ok:


Those are gorgeous!

@bunbain beautiful!


I’ve posted this before, but it’s apropos here. My Yoga instructor sister-in-law gave us this one. I love the promo quote on the back.


When was the last time a book made you nostalgic for childhood and delivered a younger, stronger body? - Self magazine



Very nice. I made an attempt at photographing totality with my cell phone but didn’t come close to doing proper justice to the apparition. Not even going to waste the server space



Also took some shots of the “super moon” last December. Wish I had something more substantial in frame for perspective but I just shot in my yard.



Roger has decided to try bringing back pet rocks.


I will never get used to driving by flocks of wild turkeys.

Lots of bebes there.


Spotted in the White House break room?


My cat (pictured) has three legs.


While going through my photos I ran across an ad I received from Redbox before Mother’s Day that I took screenshots of and then forgot until now. I’ve pieced it together, and felt it needed to be shared.

Fifty Shades is hot and all, but that Peter… (wink wink).



Don’t know how common this is to see, but my daughter and I were super into it. A discarded exoskeleton. Cicada? She’s just gotten really into identifying waves of cicada song…


Silly sign maker. He spelled raeding wrong.
It sucks being dylsexci - dislyxic - dylesxic - dyslexic, whatever!


You should have seen the mating ritual a flock of wild turkeys performed in my driveway.


Extremely common in my area, with brood swarms every 17 years, plus annual cicadas. When I was a kid we’d paint the discarded exoskeletons with model paints.

When I was much younger and even dumber than I am now, I rode a Yamaha into a brood swarm at high speed. Despite a leather jacket they gave me golf ball sized welts all over my body and nearly knocked me physically off the bike!

If you get the chance to see one emerge it’s pretty cool, although slow.


Ooo. That brings back memories. When I was a creepy little kid I used to collect their shells off the trees wherever it was we were living at the time; I think Oklahoma. There were tons of them. I kept the shell filled shoebox under my bed. My mom found it and almost had a heart attack.