If You See Something, Post Something!


I meant, “if they were people” instead of corporate entities/retail outlet stores; so personifying how it felt for me to interact with them.

MediaPlay was a “fun date”, in that they had a lot of great stuff at a time when Amazon wasn’t a thing, primarily new stuff at full price but a pretty large entertainment selection.

Entertainmart is a “fun date after a long night”, in that most of what they sell is used, in varying degree of quality, but because it’s stuff people have previously owned, you could end up finding something really unexpected. It also went through a phase where the staff didn’t give a crap about anything, nobody bothered to keep the shelves in any kind of order, it seemed to be the go-to place for dumping stolen goods (my wife’s iPod that was stolen ended up there) and it felt like one step away from turning into a preowned retail version of Lord of the Flies. It’s better now… however they’ve added swords, so it may be heading toward another dip into the darkness.

And I don’t care what the law says, corporations aren’t people until one of them ends up in prison.

Speaking as a designer, no, that’s not usually how I do it. Some clients only seem to be able to focus on the last thing they see. And if they are really wonderful, they will have changes just for the sake of changes, “Look! I’m helping!” I despise logo design, but maybe I’ve just had a long… longlonglong run of difficult clients.


Ohh—I see!—thank you, I understand now (I was reading it strangely—I thought you meant if those old enough to remember Media Play were people…which got me wondering if they allowed you to bring your pets, and… never mind )

Apologies, and thanks for the extra info, I always enjoy your posts :slight_smile:


Sometimes – despite my best efforts, editing, re-editing, and changes after posting – I combine words stupidly. I see how you got there and will adjust the original post.

I’m pleased you enjoy my posts :slight_smile:


* we regret we are unable to sell to minors or Florida Men.


Ah, it was me—I really should have realized what was meant [laughing and shaking my head at myself]



A screenshot I took while playing Dragon Quest Builders on the PS4 awhile back…

Unless the definition of “short and curlies” has changed since I was a younger man, which it seems it has not, that was… unexpected.



With the title of “f - peaches” I wasn’t sure where that was headed (I’m not familiar with the game, but now I’m guessing “f” goes with “Tales of Graces”) but that was quite amusing. Full voice acting no less.


Lol, I didn’t even consider that the title might be confusing. The game is Tales of Graces f of the Tales Series.


haha, I too had bookmarked this for later viewing, and was fully expecting to hear a character disregard another character named Peaches in a rather gruff manner.



I want to believe.

(Same supermarket as before.)


[Charlie Brown music]


Years ago I was walking through Hobby Lobby (against my will; I’ve never liked the place) and I ran across this well-thought-out doll display…

I get that they’re for hobbyists to make use of in hobby ways, I just feel like there has to be a better way to display them. Also when seeing them, this is what came to mind.



Isn’t that an awfully good representation of how Hobby Lobby’s management views women?



Is it a mistranslation? Nope.

I cannot read Korean but in Japanese it says Snake Venom.

There are other odd facials from the same company as well.