If You See Something, Post Something!


Yesterday, we went to a nearby antique mall because I wanted to get some new photos. Pickings were unfortunately pretty basic and slim, so I only ended up with a few.

The one I’ll be sharing today is this 18" high barbwire ball sculpture. It caught my attention for two reasons; it was on the floor in the path of travel, and I was wearing shorts and not paying attention to the floor. Yes. It’s real barbwire. Apparently we do stuff like this in Colorado.

Also, a followup on the Rampage Room post I made earlier. I stopped by to see what they were like.

While we haven’t tried their service yet, we plan to next weekend. The guy that owns the place seemed nice.




Your ball of barbed wire reminded me of something…

I have seen this in the real world—it’s in my neighborhood in Minneapolis—though I don’t have my own photo to post, so I’m linking to photos taken by other people. It’s a real bird’s nest made of wire, that was found during the reconstruction of my local public library branch. It’s in a vitrine on display right near the front entrance, opposite the check-out desk. It’s so charming that I always stop and look at it for a while and think about the birds that made it.


Oh yeah, I think I’ve seen some of those birds in the neighborhood…

(Harriet mead)


Dang, I had a good joke until I understood that that’s a raven, not a crow.

(The joke was: “Are we Counting Crows? I don’t think they’re a Metal band.”)


I believe that nest was made by the Speckle Bottomed Masochist. Quite the bird, but they fly funny.


These last few posts remind me of Clark Ashton and his commuter gallery



steam punk plague doctor for the postcyberpocalypse?


aka Google image search for “pigeon in a gimp mask”.







Those are nests made by the kind of pigeon that looks at all those anti-pigeon spikes people put up and sees not a problem, but an opportunity!

Probably fanatic Rand-ites. Atlas Shat?


Happy Monday!

This is an older photo from my camera roll. We have a hamburger joint in town called Freddy’s Steakburgers. I don’t know how far ranging they are, but I’m certain they aren’t local, so you may be familiar with them.

Awhile back they started advertising “The Great American Funnel Cake Sundae”. The first time I saw the advertisement, I was greatly amused. I’m sure most people just saw this:

But every time I saw it, I saw this:

And now you will too. (although we went through the drive-thru the other day, and it looks like they changed out the photo, so maybe not.)


There is one down here in the ATL (surburban area).


Seen a few months back in Prescott, AZ.



Wow, you have the best stuff. My local charity shops never have anything that bonkers. :frowning:

OTOH, at least it means I don’t end up in arguments with my wife about whether we really need a bear with a straw hat and a parasol (in a pony carriage?).


While we do have odd stuff, that one wasn’t local. I found him in Tombstone, AZ.


Is that a Grimace in your pocket, or are you happy I pulled your string? You look happy…

I’m starting to feel like I’m posting in this thread way too often compared to anyone else. I’m trying to keep it down to once a day or so. Should I keep going, or give it a rest?