In news footage, British chancellor's binder mysteriously changes color

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Cat, Glitch In The Matrix


It’s street magic. You wouldn’t comprende.


In 2009, I purchased shade-shifting stickers from a now-defunct website to create a cool looking Rubik’s cube; needless to say, it is mind-boggling to solve such a cube. Here’s a low-res video by another twisty-puzzle enthusiast that purchased the same stickers back in 2009:

And here’s another one with slightly better quality (good close-up and good lighting), this one shows more of the shade shifting action:

Edit to add: Looking at the Sky News video carefully, this is clear video manipulation; through the windshield of the car, you can still see the red binder a handful of frames before it becomes green. So, this is definitely not the aforementioned shade-shifting material.


There is no binder.


The hand of Cummings.

If I ever become rich and famous, I’m now going to have to invest in a binder that changes colour like that, just so that when I’m being followed by a camera, I can walk behind things, switch the colour of my binder, and have people accuse the camera guy of doctoring the video. Maybe a shirt that does that too.

Ah, I think maybe the reason I’m not rich is because I spend my money on weird things to mess with people’s heads too often.


Ahh, but spending your money on weird things to mess with people is what makes you rich.


Goodman’s paradox says that the color didn’t change.

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Wow, I read entry that and the words just flowed past me. I think I’ll have to go back again after some coffee.

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I’ve just had a coffee, and it didn’t help.

Chat is hacked.

The binder is definitely different: the red one is more used, and thus not so perfectly square on the edges.

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I thought our political class were all supposed to be shape-shifting alien lizards anyway, so surely a little thing like having a binder change color is no big deal for them.


At least they aren’t full of women.


I’d love to see another angle.

Goodman defines a new color, say reen, that we would normally see as red before the 10 second mark in the video, green after. (Of course, gred is green before 10 seconds, red after.) The video is either evidence that the binder changes color at 10 seconds, from red to green, or that it stays the same color, reen, throughout. Now, just because you and I see the thing change color, there is no way to gainsay an alien who comes from a place where gred and reen are primary colors who insists that the color never changed.

(Sorry about that @AdaDoom, I didn’t mean to confront you with something nasty in the woodshed.)


Marvelous, @d_r. Graceless, Aimless, Feckless, Pointless, and I thank you! That makes perfect sense and is also a wonderful thing to think about on an otherwise prefer-not-to-think-too-much day.


Not only does the binder have the ability to change colors—after it turned green, it miraculously shed the bright red logo on its front!


Obvious explanation is obvious: Doppler effect.

When he is approaching the camera, the reflected light is compressed, shifting the colour towards red (ie, redshift). When he is moving away from the camera the light is more spread out, so the colour appears to shift towards the green end of the spectrum.

(this is a legit explanation, but only really works at near relativistic speeds. Presumably Sunak is not walking at a significant fraction of c)