In the future, astronauts might play MMORPGs to fend off boredom


In fact MMORPGs seem like a bad idea when your latency to the server
is measured in minutes, and it’s hard to imagine a Massively
Multiplayer game when you’re talking about a crew of 4-6 people.

That’s why Bishop is proposing a hybrid game that allows an Earth-based MMPORG to create changing conditions and scenarios for astronauts who don’t play in real-time.


Click… Buzz… Computer Voice: “Game Over, Crew.”

Everyone lifts their VR helmets off…

“OK, this time Ripley won, but the Nostromo got destroyed. Same time tomorrow?”


Seems like it might be good for a return to PBEM (Play By E-Mail) games.


You forgot the part where Hudson says, “Game over man, game over.”


You know what would be way better that an MMORPG with no deep space delays or technical difficulties?

Just a classic tabletop RPG.

Give them a D&d manual pack, or a Vampire one, even a Song of Fire and Ice one, or Eclipse Phase, Call of Cthulhu, or if you are feeling particularly evil and want the spaceship to end like “Event Horizon” just give em F.A.T.A.L.

The only problem I see are dices flying all around the spaceship.


MMORPG, pshaw! Give me a complete NES, SNES, NEO GEO, MAME and Mega Drive library (maybe on an OUYA?) and I´ll be set for the trip.

Ultimate astronaut emulator hardware?

The latency issue obviously makes Earth-based server play impossible. But what’s being suggested would require a server onboard the ship that also has asynchronous play elements that allow indirect interactions with people back on Earth (as with many Facebook and other web games). Despite the name, plenty of “Massively” Multiplayer games rely on small groups (of around 4-6 people, coincidentally), aka “parties” as the main social group size. (And a few games have called themselves “MMOs” despite only allowing players to interact with 5 other people.) So no guild raids, but they could engage in what’s standard co-op play for a lot of games.


The downside is that, due to latency, most interactions will have to be with NPCs. However, NASA will certainly not follow Rule 34, and that kind of kills the whole idea. Nasa is very strait-laced.


That’s not really massive multiplayer anymore then. You just have a glorified multiplayer game, maybe using assets from an MMO, but without the interaction with the other players.


Not one game but lots of games. (all the good ones)

Plus all the books, movies and TV shows ever.

Wouldn’t take much space. Does copyright even count in space?



I try to convey this point to everyone who gets excited by all this one-way trip to Mars talk recently. Combining the worst parts of living in Barstow with the worst parts of living on a Submarine!


People playing Star Trek Online to stave off boredom seems like a bad idea.


Surely an electronic reader loaded up with the worlds greatest works of literature plus maybe a good selection of books on topics the astronauts have an interest in exploring would be more than enough to keep them interested??

Or how about adding a hard disk containing the top 1000 movies of all time, just to mix it up!


Hey, Ender! How’d ya like to play a game??


All your space are belong to us?


The implication is that there is some reason other than the boredom of their workaday lives that people play MMORPGs. What works on Earth ought to work in space, but I would suggest Minecraft and Nethack.


Past high earth orbit there will be too much lag for endgame content and battle grounds. The crew will be stuck doing 5-man instances and farming which may result in a higher than expected suicide rate amongst the crew. That being said, Barrens Chat would never be the same…


I wrote a 740 word flash fiction inspired by this concept where the on board entertainment fails. Uploading it to Google Drive as public:


You’re looking at this all wrong. You need to choose people who don’t GET BORED, i.e., introverts who are constantly self-entertained. I have never played a MMORPG game in my life, but I guarantee you, with a piano keyboard, an Amazon Prime membership for books and movies, a gym, some canvas and acrylics, a creative writing program, an embroidery hoop with plenty of thread, maybe a loom, an unlimited subscription to BigFish laptop games, a Netflix subscription, a Feedly account (even if it’s delayed), and a virtual dog to walk, I would NOT be bored. Not in 2 years. Not in 20 years.