Inateck's SSD housing replaced my portable hard drives

SSDs are still not big enough for storage. :frowning:

1 TB isn’t big enough for storage?

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If you look at the Amazon reviews, there are people posting read/write benchmarks with this in the 300-400mb/s range, so he’s almost certainly only using USB 2.0 with his Mac.

I didn’t see a 1 TB SSD in the links?

It’s almost like Apple doesn’t really want you to futz around the innards of the machine that you’ve bought…

OWC don’t sell an SSD > 480Gb for the Macbook Air. But larger SSDs do exist for a number of different types of machine, and if you have a laptop that can take a 2.5" regular-sized SATA drive then yes, 1Tb SSDs exist like this Samsung SATA III unit. (Costs about $500, rather than the $100 or less you’d pay for a spinning chunk of rust, but if raw speed is your thing …)

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Ah. $500 is still high. I will wait. :smiley: I am a data hoarder especially with videos and games.

Sounds like you could use a small chip that plugs into the sd card slot with a flush edge, so that you can store a high capacity micro sd card in there and use it like a second drive.

Something like this:

True to an extent, but let’s be fair: The Air line very explicitly sacrifices all other concerns for small size and low weight, and those are not compatible with the open spaces and obstruction-free access routes of modular, user-serviceable design. Until recently at least, the non-Air MacBooks gave easy access to HD and RAM, which is about what you can expect from most laptops. It’s just a question of the tool for the job.

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