Indonesian man sells meteorite that fell through his roof for $1 million

They call those Kris in Indonesia…

Pretty sure a roof repair would cost less than a mega$.

Oh well, if it’s that simple, then it’s meteorites for everyone! Woo!


unfortunately wrong type to make a sword, but fortunately a rare carbonaceous chondrite:

If it had been an iron/nickel iron like the aforementioned campo de cielo, or the nantan, or the sikhote-alin, then it probably would be worth less, but more able to make something out of it (at least metal-wise)

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Might want to rethink that idea, mate…


True story: a friend told me about his new hobby of buying and collecting media rights. We had several Threes Company conversations about his new hobby where I thought he was going insane. Then he finally showed me his collection of meteorites. Turns out you can get them pretty cheap on ebay. If you aren’t too particular about authenticity certificates and such.


Sort of a capstone for 2020, don’t you think? Not quite what I had in mind, of course.

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I love that that guy was a coffin maker - couple more feet and he would have gotten the use of his wares.
You could buy a decent metal detector and go a’wandering in the Australian outback, much of which is desert. Could find meteorites. Could find gold. Could find yourself lost and short of water.

Autocorrect, amirite?

You can get meteorites on ebay; you just have to make sure the sellers are trustworthy.

In the meatspace auditory domain.

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I’m from Finland.